February 18, 2014

My Birthday Weekend in Recap: Feb 15th

So on Saturday I went to my two P.E. Classes in the morning and I must say the torture was pretty amped up in my Pilates class. I am taking two P.E. classes because:

  1. I need them for credits
  2. Because I'm actually interested in Pilates and Yoga
So Pilates was a bit challenging because we incorporated Rings into our workout. I already know I'm out of shape by doing some of these exercises but the point was REALLY brought home by using this apparatus...
Pilates Ring

 I've used an exercise ball and I thought that was pretty awesome but that medieval torture trap aka THE RING is something I don't think I will use again for a long time unless needed for a future class. I know overall Pilates is suppose to help give you great balance so you can do poses such as this...

But honestly the whole class I felt only like this.....

My Yoga class that was 40 minutes later wasn't any better with standing poses that I don't care to remember. Again balance is definitely not my friend but I will stick it out in both classes.

Am I expecting to look like this? No, but something SLIGHTLY similar.


So afterwards I decided to grab something to eat and then made my way home to chill out around 1pm. Within 30 minutes I was with my mom and sis on our way down to Kirkwood to check out some stores for some items for my sis's house. So we ended our Saturday evening at Friday's Restaurant:)

So really in retrospect my fun time was spending it with my family.

Until the next episode....

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