September 22, 2013

Natural Hair: Trials and tribulations of combing out a cold rod set

This past Wednesday I had decided that my cold rod set wouldn't make it unfortunately for another week. I was trying to get 3 weeks out of it but unfortunately was only able to pull out a week and a half. The crazy thing is for the most part they still looked great. Just fuzz showing through but a few on the top of my head were starting to unravel noticeably  and I couldn't stop them. So I decided Wednesday night that I was going to just take them down and just FRO out for the weekend.

So around 9:30 pm (why did I start so late) I decided to take few pics at the beginning and throughout the unraveling process.

I put on a movie, The Grimms Hansel and Gretel and proceed to get started. After about a 1 hour, I knew I had made a mistake in not waiting until the weekend for this project. I had to start taking mini breaks because my arms were getting tired.

As I'm going through my detangling process I always make sure that I have bottle of water to lightly spray each coil AFTER I've gone through with my detangling brush. If I come across a knot I use my rat tail comb end and go through it slowly. So you can imagine how much of a daunting task this was to go through EVERY coil with this same procedure. I also made sure I use my duckbill clamps to section off the hair so it wouldn't get in the way of the coils that I still needed to do.

After about two hours my progress was this. I was also impress that my shedding wasn't as much as I thought it would be.

So after the movie I was watching goes off, I turn to another channel, but it's about 11:45 pm. I am so tired and I still am not done with my hair. My mom comes in to assist me with the last section on the back of my head and has it done within 30 minutes. Talk about being grateful. When my unraveling project was finally done I was left with a fluffy and soft big afro. It looked and felt great. I just wish my wash and go's would look so fab. So overall this project took about 2 hours and 30 minutes and you see how short my hair ( in my opinion).

So my beautician who gave me the cold rod set said my hair is probably long enough to start getting the Flexi Rods in the future. I sure do hope so.

Flexi Rods - Photo courtesy (Naptural85)

Until the next episode....

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