September 11, 2013

I cannot believe I have the GALL to have STONES

Back in May I had an attack on my stomach that to this day I still remembered and it was so painful I wrote about it. --Click here--

Well since then I have had 5 other stomach attacks at various times with the last two being as recent as this last Friday and this past Monday. I couldn't take it anymore and decided I needed to make a Dr. appointment to see what was going on with me. So on Monday I went to the Dr. office and was able to speak with a physician assistant. My normal Dr. wasn't available because his schedule was full for the day.

I informed her of my issues and she recommended some blood work and an ultrasound. So yesterday I took off right after work and went for my ultrasound. I was able to receive my results within 20 minutes and the lab technician informed me that in her preliminary findings that I possibly had gallstones.

So last night I was on the internet looking up information on gallbladders and gallstones and all I can say is..whoa.. The sizes that gallstones range in are just intense. I also was looking into a possible natural remedy to get rid of gallstones. 

One popular rendition of a Gall Bladder Detox

There were some ideas out there but there was one that definitely stood out amongst the others as far as people having tried and worked for them. Yet also after reading I was aware of the risks some people went through with trying to go the natural route. 

One article came from --here--

Second article --here--

Third article --here--

Fourth article --here--

Fifth article --here--

Sixth article --here--

Another favorite site that I enjoy --here--

So by now if you have read all the various article they all have a similar theme. They might vary slightly but for the most part the ingredients are the same.

Yet just as there are those who have tried natural options, there are those who are not for them. So I've been reading the cons on them as well.

One article --here--

Second article --here--

Third article--here--

Fourth article --here--

This morning I spoke with my Dr.'s office and they informed me that my blood work came back normal. They said there were not any abnormalities with my liver, gallbladder or any where else. So I informed them of the results that I received from the lab and the nurse that I spoke with stated that they had not seen the results yet and the Physician Assistant that I spoke with on Monday would give me a call back once she reviewed the results.

So I know for right now I will be doing a lot of reading regarding the gallbladder and gallstones. Honestly, I do not want to do surgery because, a) I'm nervous about operational procedures in general b) if I was born with it, than it must be important. I did also read on what the gallbladder's function is and to me personally it seems to be quite important. 

I know someone who had their gallbladder removed and she stated that the doctors informed her it wasn't a necessary organ and pretty much the same importance was put on it as the appendix, not much. Personally I think anything that has to do with regulating bile in the system is a pretty important component. 

Again I can understand the function of the gallbladder and it's importance, I still don't understand what the appendix is for.  But then again, I still don't understand why the gallbladder is put in the  "really don't need this body part" category either.

Oh well, I know unfortunately I have only myself to blame for this dilemma. I am overweight and have had fluctuations with my weight throughout the years. Lord knows my eating habits really took a nose dive from July to August so this medical dilemma is the consequence of my actions.  I can only hope that I can minimize any future issues if I'm not able to reverse or fix this problem.

The pain was so intense that the only humor I can find in this whole situation is that I can remember the dates and what I ate. Not to mention with the exception of the Ami's twice I haven't made an attempt to eat any of the same foods ever since.

  1. May 7 - Ami's for lunch (pasta) - McDonald's for dinner (Quarter Pounder meal)
  2. August 16 - ( I faintly recall having an attack on this day also)
  3. August 19 - Hooters Restaurant - chicken wings (medium sauce, sweet chili sauce)
  4. August 26 - Ami's Italian Restaurant - Manicotti 
  5. September 6 - Texas Road House - 8oz steak dinner, mash potatoes w/ gravy & apple sauce (this attack wasn't as bad, it was bearable with a slight pain)
  6. September 9 - Homemade Beef stew with carrots, celery, white onions, and white potatoes (prepared with beef stock)

Yet it sucks being afraid of your own digestive system. All these attacks hit me at night and the pain didn't go away for 4-5 hours. I am more careful of what I eat now and don't eat as much because I am too nervous that something else might trigger an attack. From what I can gather dairy products are no longer my friend but then I've been suspecting that for a while but was still consuming. Red meat might have to be reduced in consumption, yet I don't have any issues with pork (grilled), chicken (fried, baked, or grilled), or fish (fried or baked).


Overall, I'll weigh all my options and make sure I speak with my Dr. to see what he may suggest but I have to make sure whatever I decide to do I make sure I've done enough research so I'll be comfortable with my decision.

A good site that tells ya in a nutshell what I'm going through --here--

Anyone else have a gallbladder story? Did you do surgery or try the natural route?

Until the next episode....

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