September 8, 2013

Natural Hair: Nothing like seeing my beautician to set me right

Well yesterday at 10am I had a hair appointment to see my stylist Daisha. The last time I saw her was February when I had tad bit of a hair fiasco. I was definitely excited about this appointment because a good friend of mine was also bringing her daughter along to get her hair done since she went natural back in May. Her hair is so thick I told her mother that she had to see Daisha so she could tell her how to care for her hair.

So I arrived 20 minutes early and relaxed until it was time. Exactly at 10am on the dot Daisha was ready for me sit in her chair. She checked out my hair and told me whatever I was doing with my hair to keep up my regimen. She then asked me when was the last time I had a steam treatment and I told her the last time I saw her. She then asked me what hair style I wanted so I said rod set again. 

I was then taken to the back by their salon assistant who then proceeded to wash my hair to get ready to go under the steamer. 

Hair washed before going under the steamer

So I think I was under there for about 30 minutes and while under there every now and then some hot water droplets would drop on my nose so I'm constantly wiping my nose off. lol Then the machine turns off and I still stay under and didn't realize that the machine had turned off, I was wondering why I wasn't feeling any more steam. Sometimes I'm a tad bit slow like that.



So then back to the shampoo bowl and I was washed some more and then instructed to go back up to the front and sit in Daisha's chair. Once I get back up front I see my friend and her daughter already talking with Daisha.  

Thisha's fingers holding up some of my hair. lol

Shortly there after, Thisha's daughter, also named Jasmine was taken to the back to get her hair washed and Daisha started on my hair with a rod set. Thisha, Daisha, and myself were having a good ole time talking about hair . Eventually Thisha left to run some errands and I went to the back to get under a dryer.

So I'm under the dryer for at least a hour but lost track of time because I fell asleep. By the time the dryer did turn off I went back up front and Lil Jasmine was just done getting her rod set put in place and all I can say is that I NEVER saw so many rods in one person's head. That is how thick this young lady's hair is.

So now I'm back in Daisha's chair and the unraveling of the rods commences...So as she was taking them out I could really see how my hair has grown. She stated the next time I come back which will be around either next February or March, assuming I don't have another hair setback, I'll be ready for flexi rods.

Acting silly:)

 So after she unravels the coils, this is the finished product.

Oh and of course Lil Jasmine's hair turned out to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!


Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz
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