May 8, 2013

When the Porceleon God pays a visit, you better damn well stoop over and listen.

*Might be considered a tad bit graphic SO read at your own risk, you've been warned*

Yesterday was a normal day for me just like any other. I went to work and put in my 8 hours just like any other day. I even decided to order out with  a coworker and we decided on some Italian food for lunch around 11am. She a salad, myself some pasta. After work I went to the McDonalds near my hourse to get something to eat which was around 5pm and then hit up the Walgreens next door to pick up a Mother's Day card.

At this time I was feeling my normal self. Nothing out of the usual and then within 30-45 minutes of being home my stomach starts to cramp. I mean cramp so bad it felt as though someone had their hands on my intestines and just were squeezing, it also didn't help that I was feeling a slight tightness in my chest as well. I tried laying down to see if I could wait for the pain to pass by but that didn't help. I was up walking around in my room massaging my stomach because this pain was just unheard of for me to be experiencing.

Eventually I make my way to the master bathroom and just near the tub wondering what the hell is going on. I kept thinking ok my stomach is about to do something so I better be within the vicinity of a toilet just in case.  I tell ya at this point my face was red, my hands were shaking and my body was just driving me crazy. So I decided I was going to just induce vomiting to see if that would help.

So eventually it starts and I"m thinking ok one good try and I should be ok. NOPE It keeps coming to the point that a nerve is starting to pinch in my forehead and as I'm spitting up I'm even seeing some small traces of blood. Talk about pain. I was crying and just kneeling in front of the toilet thinking, "Please God just get me through this". I wasn't sure if it was something bad from McDonald's or heck maybe a sign from God that I need to get my butt back in gear.

After a while, I had enough strength to go back to my room and I decided I needed take some Aleve and drink some orange juice. Within 20 minutes of taking the medicine and laying down, I barely made it back to the restroom and again had ANOTHER episode. By this time I swore I was able to talk to the spirits.

I eventually get back to my room and lay back down and within 15 minutes I was knocked out and slept for 5 hours. I woke up late around 11:30pm and was taking a physical assessment of myself. My stomach pains were gone and the sharp pain in my head was gone. I couldn't figure out what in the world happened and chalked it up to something bad that I ate at McDonalds.

So today while at work I was relaying the story to two of my coworkers and they asked me how I had been eating before. I told them mainly veggies and meat for a while, every now and then something else maybe from a fast food place. So one of them thought my stomach might have rejected the fast food this time around. I told them that bout of pain I went through last night really scared me. I made sure to bring my lunch today and had broccoli and corn. Hell before I went to work I stopped by Schnucks and picked up some oatmeal packets and decided to seriously get back to eating healthy and working out.

It was so weird, yesterday (while on my lunch break) I had been looking at sport watches. I had been looking into buying one for the past 2 years but never could decide on which one. I was looking at Polars and some other companies and I decided yesterday and purchased a Polar Men's Sport Watch FT7. Retail price for this watch is $117, but you know I'm to savvy to pay full price;)

Polar Watch FT7
I already used Endomondo to track my fitness (when I would get up to do something)  but I needed something to let me know my heart rate and calorie burn. After doing some research and chatting with a Polar representative, I decided this watch would work the best for me.

Now I need to decide if I'm going to stick with my current gym. I hadn't been there in a while because it was killing me in gas but I do love the layout of the gym and the classes. So really need to decide is it worth it for me to still stick it out and go or try to find something else closer to the job? I've already looked and right now, prospects as far as finding another gym as much as I like my current one, not looking to good. I have gotten back into my walking but I know I need to really get back into an active routine.

Also after work yesterday I had to take the Nutribullet I bought back last September back to Best Buy to do an exchange because it was acting psycho so I have to wait for a new one to be shipped to the location near my job so I can pick it up and get back to making my health drinks.

All day today I mainly thought about that painful and frightful episode last night. I honestly thought I was going to die in that bathroom and be remembered as the girl who crapped out and bit the dust while talking to a toilet. Looks like I was given another chance to change.


Until the next episode....

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