May 13, 2013

Project Walkabout: Jefferson Barracks County Park

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I decided I needed to make a little bit of an update to my wardrobe and bought about 9 maxi skirts in various colors. Of course I put some serious milage on my car criss crossing all over the place and would you believe that during my travels for one particular maxi skirt at Body Central, I had to go all the way out to South County mall. I also would like to take time out to thank the person or group of people who came up with the creation of spandex in clothing;) Especially for skirts;)

I liked all the skirts except the blue one - $16.90 at Wet Seal
 So after I acquired my last maxi of the day at that particular mall, I decided that it would be a great for me to put in a nice walk at one of the near by parks. So after doing some quick research via Google Maps I decided to check out The Jefferson Barracks County Park. Overall it was a great 2.5 mile walk. Nice scenery, even came across a few deer and even saw the Jefferson Barracks National Guard area. 

I will say what I did find interesting was that I was the only African American person there on the trail, unless you also want to count the black dude that smelled like crazy ganja aka weed who was on his break from driving his Ice Cream truck. He looked at me like what the hell was I doing out there. Of course he wasn't the only person to give me that look. Regardless, I had a great time and if I'm out that way again, I might enjoy another stroll.

Big cannon

The entrance I used

North Gate

Tent City

Some Deer enjoying the scenery

The Jefferson Barracks National Guard area

Parade Ground

Until the next episode....

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