May 20, 2013

Busy Bee: A Natural Hair Meetup, A Wedding, Grocery Shopping, then a Graduation Party ALL IN ONE DAY!

Act 1:

Saturday morning I woke up early and washed my hair since I knew I would be super busy this weekend. First thing on the agenda was to attend a Natural Hair meetup that was held at the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis in the Delmar Loop. I wanted to at least get in one hour since I was attending a wedding right across the street at the Moonrise Hotel.

The host for this event, A CURLY ART AFFAIR, was Saint Louis local, Sunshine. The guest of honor was actress and comedienne Kim Coles. Upon entering I received a bag with a few items inside. There were various vendors there also on the first and second floors including my beautician Daisha Putman with The Christopher Stevens Salon. I made sure to hit up all the vendors for business cards. 

Inside my goodie bag

While taking pictures I noticed a cute pair of earrings that I thought I might add to my collection.


There also was a room on the second floor where there were speakers that were talking about their various hair experiences. I recognized two speakers, the bloggers behind Glamazini and My Natural Reality. The other two speakers were from Naturally Free To Be Me and Kinky Curly Coily Me.

Now there was someone there in particular that I really wanted to meet. Ash, is an artist who has made some amazing pictures. I even contacted her back in February and informed her that I would like a self-potrait in the future. We spoke for a little while and I told her I would definitely be in touch. Check out her website at Ash The Painter and you will definitely see what I'm talking about.

Act 2:

Jovan and Sauntura Jones Wedding

So after going to the Natural Hair show for a hour, I make my way to the Moonrise Hotel and I go inside and greet the groom. The wedding is taking place on the roof of the hotel and I must say it was very pretty. The weather wasn't an issue and the bride was gorgeous! The colors were plum and eggshell. The bridesmaids look beautiful and the groomsmen very handsome. The ceremony went at a nice brisk pace and the reception was great with upbeat music and a few finger foods as well as some sweet treats were enjoyed by all. I had a great time and wish my nephew and new neice all the happiness in the world. They also surprised us that they are expecting this August.  Congrats to the new couple;)



 Went grocery shopping with mom.

Act 3:

By the time I got back home with my mom from grocery shopping I had to immediately get ready for a graduation party that I was invited to that was being held at SqWires Resturant. It is located in Lafayette Square, a historical district in Saint Louis. The houses are beautiful!!! So I had a great time with Zippy, Mike and Zippy's brother (whose name I have unfortunately forgetten, but the conversations I have not. lolol) I along with Zippy enjoyed for an appetizer the Baked Brie.

Baked Brie - figs, dates, golden raisins, pecans & maple,
herb crostini & sliced baguette

For my main course I just decided on some French Onion Soup. So as we are enjoying ourselves a few more of their friends join us and after we are finished with dinner we decide to head across the street to Bailey's Chocolate Bar for dessert. Since I already was full by the time dinner came around, I opted out of the sweets. Overall I had a great time and I'm so proud of Mike!

my look for the day



St. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee Brewers

On Sunday I was excited because I had tickets for the baseball game and was hoping a friend of mine could come with me, but unfortunately it didn't happen, so I had tried giving them away to some friends but they already had plans so I decided that I was going to just go by myself and made my way to UMSL South Metrolink so I could take the train to Busch Stadium. By the time I was on the train I knew it was going to be an issue with so many people crammed in like a bunch of sardines. It brought back some old times when I used to take the train to get to high school downtown.

Unfortunately the lack of manners has become an epidemic with black teenagers especially when riding public transportation. I tell ya I couldn't WAIT to get off that train and make my way into the stadium. While enjoying a snack I saw a few coworkers and we chatted for a while.  Afterwards I just walked around the first level and made a complete circle around the stadium, I didn't even get to my seats which were in section 372. I had a better view just walking around:)

I left around the top of the 7th inning but made sure to take pictures before departing.


So the return trip back on the Metrolink was even WORSE than on the way there. I thought a few fights were going to break out. I couldn't wait to get back to my stop and get home. Overall I had a great but VERY BUSY weekend. School lets out for the kiddies

Until the next episode....

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