May 7, 2013

When DIY (Do It Yourself) for Natural Hair meets MATH

I had been searching the internet for a forum that dealt with various oils (carrier and essential) and how to use them. I found a WONDERFUL forum by the name of Ananda Apothecary and posted the following dilemma to them.

Go to the following link here to see the forum connected to this issue:

I use the following mixture to make my hair oil and decided to add an essential oil to my mix. I have afro textured hair (kinky) and I use the mixture every other day or few days depending on how my hair  feels.

[u]Homemade Oil mixture[/u]
2.5 oz Olive Oil
1.0 oz Jojoba Oil
1.0 oz Grapeseed Oil (not part of original recipe, added by myself)
1.0 oz Castor Oil
1.0 oz Sweet Almond Oil
1.0 oz Avocado Oil
0.5 oz Vitamin E Oil
0.5 oz Red Pimento Oil (not part of original recipe, added by myself)

What I would like to do is incorporate peppermint oil into my hair oil mixture. I honestly still am clueless as to how much to use. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Now my 2nd dilemma is that I also make my own shea butter mixtures as well for my hair and want to add Lavender oil for that mixture.

I use the following ingredients:

8 oz Raw unfiltered shea butter
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
1 teaspoon of olive oil
1 teaspoon of castor oil
1 teaspoon of jojoba oil

When this is whipped up it makes 16 oz. How many drops would you recommend for this mixture? Please keep in mind I use this on a daily basis. Thank you much and again any assistance is greatly appreciated.

To find out the responses I received, go here.

Credit on both recipes go to Naptural85

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