August 31, 2012

If you workout, it will come off..

Yesterday I decided to weigh myself at work in the nurse's office since I had not weighed in about a month. Since that time frame I have been working out and doing my best to change my eating habits. I was a bit nervous walking over there because I wasn't sure if my hard work was going to start showing or not.

Screen shot of my progress from Endomondo

The nurse was in her office and I asked to use her physician scale, she pointed me into one of her patient rooms and I took off my shawl and sandals. I walked up to the scale and stood on it and started moving the weights above across to see my progress. I refused to look at the numbers, I just wanted to make sure that I had balanced it out correctly. After verifying that I had done so, I started to look at the numbers and I was shocked and proud that I had lost 10 pounds within the past month. I was so giddy and even did a lil jig in the room before composing myself and thanking the nurse and going back to my office.

I immediately logged onto my exercise site Endomondo. If you have not heard of this site you have to check it out. This site is simply wonderful for tracking different exercise activities. Not to mention you are apart of a community of thousands of other people who can see your activities and motivate you as well. There is a free version and a pro version ($4.99). After trying out the free version I upgraded, haven't regretted since.

I really enjoy it for when I am walking and cycling because it maps out my activity and lets me know how fast I'm going, the weather I was working out in, it even tracks the songs I was listening to and gauges which ones kept me at my top pace, but they have a lot of activities to choose from. But I also use their website to input more info especially when I'm using an elliptical machine to keep track of my steps, my heart rate, etc.... I could rave about this app for days. I have it on my Android phone but it is also available for Apple, Blackberry, Windows Mobile (7 and CE), Symbian OS, and other Java enabled devices.

My exercise log for June with Endomondo.

My exercise log for July with Endomondo.

My exercise log for August with Endomondo.

Since I started my boxing and kickboxing classes at Finney's, I have been having a BLAST! I'm trying to go Monday through Saturday and doing 2 classes back-to-back. An overall workout I am SO receiving. Even though I have been kicked twice in the head and once in the chest. I just smile and take it all in stride. 

After all, how can I get to this..

without going through this...

Until the next episode....

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