August 19, 2012

Fitness and Food - Can't have one without the other

Photo from Facebook newsfeed of- Ripped Goddess


Last week I saw this picture in my Facebook feed and I was like that's the type of bod I want. Over the past few months I've been seeing a lot of pics of people who have been doing the "damn thang" in regards to their exercise/weight loss, but this pic HERE I was like yep, that's what I want. Reason being she looks (in my opinion) just right. I know you've heard the Goldilocks story and if not well then Here ya go.


I've seen some pics where I'm thinking ok lets get real here. There is NO way my behind is gonna get that small nor would I want it to. My chest area could probably have it's on Wikipedia page. I have an "abundance" of titties and ass. Ok there I said it. So for me seeing that pic up there was like huh....that is something to use as a goal. 


Well last week I also found out that my 24 Hour Fitness location at Northwest Plaza would be closing within less of a month, even though there is another 24 Hour Fitness location near my job within 10 minutes my issue became the classes there. I've taken them before and quite frankly the only one I really liked was the cycling class. So I decided I want to take back up my boxing class at my old gym King's Fitness Center. So I gave them a call on Friday and what did I get "The number you have called is no longer in service, if you would like names of similar businesses please hold...." Ummmmmmm excuse me? So not only am I losing my regular gym location now I'm finding out the place I was going to for boxing lessons is no longer an option as well. 



 So I decided to go on a hunt and find a new location close to the job so I could go workout straight after work. So I was torn between one of the closest Title Boxing Gym locations and another gym called Finney's.  So I decided after work on Friday to go check out Finney's and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. My concern was that whatever gym I decided to join would have not only have the workout equipment that I would like but plenty of classes to choose from and I must say from what I've seen, this place had everything I was looking for in spades. Their boxing and kickboxing classes have options between Co-ed and Women only. They also do various classes from Yoga and Pilates to BootCamp, Zumba, and TRX. Did I also mention they do MMA training also? Yep! So I didn't even  bother going to Title Boxing Gym, I was just too impressed with Finney's. So I will go back later on this week and finalize my sign up.  





Something else I'm starting to read up on and trying to slowly get myself into is something called Clean Eating. Now this is where a huge challenge will come into play for me. From what I understand it means eating your food in a natural state as much as possible, well my momma is from Mississippi and how am I suppose to go without her cooking.....I can only shudder at the thought. I know there are plenty of different recipes and even bought a few cookbooks on the subject. There are websites and even at least one magazine devoted to the subject.  I know it's not the end of the world but if it means it will open up a new door in regards to my journey to a better me, then it can't hurt to give it a try. Not to mention after viewing our family portrait that we received last week that was taken in Florida during our family reunion, that really kicked my butt mentally that if I keep going down the path I'm on, I might not have a long path in the years to come.



On a side note: I need to start back up my food journal and probably need to set up a daily schedule to keep myself on track. At times I swear I have the mind and attention span of Chicken Little....




Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

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