February 19, 2012

It's Still my birthday...part 2

Well yesterday was Saturday and I was still enjoying myself with birthday festivities. Yet I was a bit sad because I had watched part of the Whitney Houston funeral  and recorded the rest to watch later. I left in the morning to run a quick errand then decided to go downtown to check out Mardi Gras, Saint Louis style. I've never been to a Mardia Gras here so I decided to just drive down Broadway from Downtown to Soulard. My lord I never seen so many people at 10am in one place getting ready to par-tay. There were plenty of booths around to buy hats, beads, drinks, and food. Police of course were out in full force. After what seemed like forever to get through the crowds I finally made it back to the highway and decided to go through Delmar Loop to see if anything was poppin. The answer to that question was no.

So after finally making it back home..about 11am (I think). I chilled out at home until 2:30pm, then my family made our way to the Cheesecake Factory (Saint Louis Galleria) to celebrate my birthday. It was crazy crowded, so you better believe I'm glad I called ahead of time to make reservations. Which cut down our wait time from 30 min. to 5 min. ;) My sister gave me a card that had me crackin up.

Afterwards, my dad bought movie tickets for us to go see "Safe House" and my mom, sis, and I went and did some browsing before the movie started. We finally made our way to the movie theater around 4:45pm,  I won't lie, I was nodding off within the first 20 minutes. BUT after that, I was wide awake. Denzel was straight cold blooded in this movie but he made you cheer for him to kill anyone that got in his path. Unlike in Training Day where I was happy he was killed in the end. Overall highly recommend you go see this movie.

So after our fun time together we go back home and I'm wondering what to do for the rest of the night. My girl Cassandra calls me up and we decide to go down to Soulard to see if the Mardi Gras festivities were still in swing. So we get down there about 9:30pm and yea.......things were pretty much already shut down. Apparently, and this is excellent info to know for next year. Soulard shuts down at 10pm during Mardi Gras which I guess makes sense after all the heavy partying. So we get back in her car drive through downtown and then end up in Central West End and go to Drunken Fish, where we enjoyed Happy Hour on the 2nd Floor. I was in heaven with 2 rolls of Fried Philly Rolls and 3 drinks. Afterwards we went to Bissinger's, a chocolate connoisseur's dream playground for sweets. I asked one of the workers if they had this special white chocolate/Raspberry treat (Vanilla Petit Fours) that I tried a few months back. She did and they had a few boxes since they had a valentine's sale and now they were 50% off. I bought a few boxes and gave a few to Cassandra.

I also had her try out this one treat called Apple Ghost Chili Salt Caramels. To see her face when she bit into it was priceless. My friend Trenton had me try one last year and I'm pretty sure I had the same face when I bit into one that long time ago.

Afterwards she took me back home and I proceeded to dance in my driveway (thanks to the alcohol) and finally made it to my bed. I woke up this morning 3 different times because my head was just yet. So now I am up and I can't wait for TODAY!!!!!
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