February 20, 2012

And still I enjoy my Birthday......part. 3

Well yesterday I decided to get up and go to the mall about 2:45pm. Decided to go to West County Mall and chill and see if there were any sales that might pique my interest. So I wondered into one of my favorite stores, Franceseca's Collection and found a beautiful purse that I just had to have for Spring/Summer time. The price on it said 24.00 and I thought what a great deal. Yet when I went up to the counter the sales lady scanned it and rang up 38.00. Instead of throwing a fit and demanding the price on the tag, I asked nicely if they would please honor the price and they sure did. Saved 14 dollars on a beauty of a purse.

So afterwards I go to Forever 21 and find some more "treasures" to add to my trove.


After picking up my purchases, I went to Sephora and saw two friends of mine who work there. Chatted with them for a few minutes then of course made my way through Nordstrom and few more other stores before leaving. Was debating about going to the movies but decided I will purse that TODAY on President's Day once I get some errands out the way.  So in the evening I hooked up Danielle and we made our way over to Fairview Heights, Illinois, to meet up with our friend Bridgette and we had dinner at Lottowata Creek. After some great conversations Danielle and I made our way back over to the Saint Louis side and I dropped her off home and then finally made it back to my home about 11:45pm. Overall a great day;)
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