February 26, 2012

Chris Botti - The Real Deal

UPDATE: Pics are FINALLY uploaded! as of March 4th;)

This is my review on the Chris Botti Concert that I wrote on

Chris Botti
Peabody Opera House
St. Louis
Fri, Feb 24, 2012


First off I have to start this off by saying that the Peabody Opera House is a beautiful venue for this performance to have taken place. From the marble floors that greet you as you walk in to the pain staking details on every surface that leads you into the main area. I give this place a 10 out of 10.

I was lucky enough to get front row tickets for $48.00, sitting less than a foot away from the front stage. Joe Buck introduced Chris Botti onto the stage and I will tell you it was a jam session I will never forget. Chris was fun and engaging and his trumpet skills I thought were stellar on his CD's were legendary in person. He played so many songs that I'm used to repeating on my CD's so it was an extra treat to hear them live. What was also impressive was that he stayed on the stage the whole time, never took a break unless someone who was accompanying him on a song was doing a quick solo before he came in with his trumpet.

His range of music he played from classical, a song from Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, to even doing a version of Michael Jackson's "You are not alone" that will debut on his next CD which you had better believe I will be buying was so simple yet so rich. I was so sad when the performance ended I could have stayed an extra two hours to hear him play more. My only regret was not being able to stay around long enough to grab a picture with him. Yet I will say the winks he gave me as he playing throughout the show, definitely made up for it;)

I can not WAIT until he comes back next year (rumored to be at the Saint Louis Symphony Hall) I'll be keeping my eye out on tickets when they become available.

Favorite Moment:

When he jumped off the stage and played his trumpet and I was less than a foot away from him;)

Opening Acts:

No opening acts, but his band was phenomenal and he performed duets with Lisa Fischer (who sings that amazing song, "How can I ease the pain") and an amazing classical violinist whose name is Caroline Campbell.

Addiontional Notes: I will upload my pics from this event as soon as possible!
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