January 20, 2022

The Pitfalls of dealing with Totaling Out your car.....



So my former car has the option of being totaled out. It had the option back on December 30th by the offender's car insurance. I decided that I wanted an estimate done by my insurance carrier. I have learned a very valuable lesson and should have just gone through with the Total Loss option the day it was offered. I realized that not all car insurance carriers operate the same. The offender's car insurance carrier, Geico, has been efficient and fast in regards to handling my claim. I've been so impressed with them it's honestly making me consider if I should switch to them.

My insurance carrier, Allstate, on the other hand. Has been slow to handle my needs and I'm saying that VERY politely.  Again my accident was on December 21st. Geico had it totaled as a loss by the 30th. I requested an estimate to be done by Allstate on December 31st. On January 17th I received something from Allstate that I assumed was their estimate. It was insanely high. I spoke with my rep today and found out that was the estimate from the body shop. Allstate still had not assigned an adjuster to my claim!!!!

At this point the clock was ticking because unfortunately I learned something very important in regards to this situation. Where you have your car towed, make sure to check the daily storage fees because they add up quickly. In my case I had it towed to a body works place that had been recommended by my dealership because I was under the assumption that the car was fixable. Welp after waiting for forever I found out that the storage fees on my vehicle have totaled over $2,000. That would have been extra money in my pocket had I just immediately have gone with Geico's offer. 

Yet now because Allstate has dragged their feet in regards to my situation the best case scenario is after Geico pays off the storage fees the rest will go toward my bank loan and I will end up paying hopefully under $50 bucks to square up my bank loan. 

 Not to mention I'm out of the money on the 2 tows from AAA that I used to transport my vehicle. AAA is another issue all together as well. I have asked for documentation from them since December 27th to send to the insurance company and they have done nothing. I have made numerous calls and even sent in a form that I was notified about on January 4th. I've called and emailed to follow up with no resolution in sight. I honestly am looking for another roadside assistance club that is not AAA affiliated that has nationwide coverage. The only thing AAA is good for is calling for a Tow and sending out reminders to renew your membership. Beyond that they are a piss poor excuse of a company.

So I decided today to go with Geico's offer so we can move this along quickly. I already have my replacement car and my biggest concern is that my next car payment on my former car is due on the 26th. My payments on my new car start Feb 28th. Last thing I'm trying to do is pay car notes on 2 different cars.

So remember if your car is needing work. Find a reputable business that can do the work but also inquire about their storage fees. Because as much as it cost for them to store it, I feel like I should have taken the rear bumper on my old car as a consolation prize.

So as a recap remember: What ever the Total Loss amount is offered, just take the storage fees off the top so you can see what the offer really is. Too bad the schmuck who hit me didn't have a better insurance policy, but I guess I'm thankful he had insurance period.

Update: You'll never believe it but yesterday evening I finally received an email from AAA with the documentation that I requested. So at least that faze of this situation is over.

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