January 1, 2022

So What's gonna happen now 2022?



First day of the new year is almost gone. I must say my New Year Eve was pretty good. I went out to Sephora at the Galleria to make an exchange and the young lady who helped me by the name of Breezy (supa fly name!) helped me in more ways than she is aware. She was cheery and helpful that we got to talking about the new year and our own car tribulations this December. She was in a car accident herself back in December 11. I told her of my accident back on the 21st. and she told me that as messed up as it was it just meant that something even better is in store. I can say for the first time since my accident I actually felt my spirits raise up somewhat. 


I was definitely enjoying my conversation with her until another customer came through and interrupted us. Let me just say personally as a side note that is a pet peeve for me. If you see 2 people or more engaged in a conversation find someone else to assist you that is available. I'm not gonna lie I did give the chick dagger eyes. She did apologize quickly and I thanked Breezy for assistance and the pep talk.

Later on that evening I went to my girl Mina's house. We kicked it with her kids playing a game called PlingPong. Think Beer Pong, but with various levels and kid friendly. It was quite fun and we had a ball going multiple rounds. While her kids had cider, she and I enjoyed a few glasses of moscato.


We had a ball relaxing and being safe at her house while also enjoying the Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson New Year Eve performances. We couldn't believe all the people congregating about. Some with masks on, others without. Yet most the definitely the highlight of the show was Miley's top coming undone and she being the true professional that she is kept singing while she went backstage to put on a blazer and came right back out not missing a beat.

I left about 1:15am and was knocked out when I got back to my destination. That moscato had me in some crazy dreams that night. Yet overall my New Year Eve was pretty darn good. My focus for the near future is to deal with my car situation the best that I can and get ready to take my next college course. I'm not gonna bullshit myself with any resolutions. I'm realistic enough to know that I don't keep to them well. I have to figure out what works best for me. So here is figuring that shit out.

 I hope 2022 won't be a shit storm like 2020 and 2021, yet I can only hold on to my seat and see how it goes.

I hope your New Year Eve was enjoyable as well and I hope we all can stay safe and healthy and survive this year as well.

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