January 7, 2022

The hustle that is college


 New Year, not even gonna say new me. Just working on myself. Part of that is working on getting my Associates degree. Since I can't afford to get my Bachelor's. At least for the moment. So last semester aka Winter 2021 I re-took Microeconomics. When I tell you this class was no joke at the Professor I had wasn't exactly the nicest. I was waiting on an email after the class to do my review on him because I had some things to say...Welp it never came, so he is lucky he didn't get my scathing review.


So fast forward to the Spring 2022 semester and now I'm just 3 classes away from my Associates in Business Administration. So I'm looking at some of the courses that I could take to fulfill the requirements and I'm just jaw dropped at how much books are costing these days. I remember back in the day you could get the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for a book and you either bought the book at the bookstore of your University/College (New or Used) or you could find a third party reseller and have the option of buying it cheaper somewhere else or even renting the book and send it back after the semester was over.

Now it seems the new hustle (or has been for a while and I have been lucky enough not to have had to dealt with it yet) by these companies that produce these college course books is the digital route. Now I will admit that my last class was partially digital in regards to the class was online. I didn't have to go on campus and even the course book was available to us online for free and I loved that it had an option for us to highlight areas of the book and I was even able to find a free PDF format of the book online as well.

With the two courses I was choosing between to take for this semester the book(s) are all digitally online and you have to buy a membership number to access the class. The prices ranging from $145 to $160. So no longer am I able to have an option in regards to how I purchase my learning materials I am being corralled into ordering this digital membership and access the class this way. I'm assuming this also has access to quiz or testing materials as well. Yet I prefer the learning style my Professor did last semester even if he acted somewhat like a prick.  Everything was available through Blackboard (my college's software to access class info online) He uploaded our quizzes and tests and we had a certain time frame to complete them.

Yet no one is forcing me to go to college. I know that is on me, but damn it's bad enough I can't afford to finish up my Bachelor's now I feel like it's damn near borderline if I'm able to afford to finish up my Associate's. It's crazy how this world is setup that people look at your degree to see what they think you are worth. I would think your own experiences in the field you are in would speak to your expertise and knowing what you are worth. Guess I'm still trying to figure out my worth, for myself.

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