December 11, 2020

2020 - It's a Wrap


The year 2020 has been the year so far that I wish had a hard reset button. Since the death of Kobe Bryant back in just seams this year has been on a downhill roller coaster. I was in a Launch Code class in the beginning of January, was dropped within a few months because I just couldn't keep up. Went on Spring Break at my job on March 13, it became extended due to CoVid-19 outbreak and didn't get back to work until June 8th.
I never thought in life would I have to live through a pandemic that has ravished the world the way it has. What is worse has been the joke of a leadership that our country has currently. Then we have the murder of George Floyd. Being black before this murder was already stressful to a certain point but since then it has added so much weight mentally that definitely hasn't helped.

 I'm thankful to have a job in which I didn't lose financial support over the time frame in which the country was on lock down. As far as I know my family and friends are thankfully doing ok and have not been effected by CoVid-19. I know my job took all the precautions it could to ensure that we returned to a safe environment, but I'm still nervous on a daily basis when I'm on my way to work.

As much death that this year has endured due to the pandemic, I can't express the relief I do feel that President Pumpkinhead is finally on his way out of office yet still causing havoc in his wake with everything he is trying to do to undermine Biden assuming the office in January 2021. 

This year at least for me wasn't a complete clusterfuck. I was able to take part in an amazing summer class with Dr. Stacy Patton who is a published author as well as a professor who teaches classes pertaining to journalism. We learned in her summer class about various apps/software that is used to created mixed media projects. 

 My blog for that class was named MsJabo - Lady from the Lou with so much she wants to do.

 I must say that Wordpress definitely has stepped their game up regarding their blog software. The ease of use has definitely improved but as far as being able to layout your format for your blog in regards to look, that was a big hindrance so I had to use one of the templates that was provided. But the layout for blog posts definitely do look better with Wordpress. Yet the big thing that Blogger provides for me at this time (and why it's still my primary blog source) that I just can't beat is the FREE unlimited storage with my pictures.

I really am proud of what I created throughout the class and ended up coming in 2nd place in the last project we had to create. I also won a ring light and a lavaliere in another project within the class. The class really pushed your creativity in telling stories. I was going to participate this fall but decided I needed to focus just in case my job went virtual again.



 My body butter business (Butter by Jazz) is doing ok. Had to cut down on deliveries during the Rona earlier this year but now I'm back to doing deliveries. People are still happy with my products and that keeps me going. Eventually I would like to work my way into a small shop. 


My photography business (Stain Colored Thoughts) I shut down back in March. Yet recently reopened for a Christmas family session. I realized I can't live in fear of the virus but just need to take proper precautions. Still not doing Event Photography for now.

I'm determined to get back into college during the 2021-22 academic school year. Looking into grants/scholarships that might be out there that I might qualify for. I'm torn between pursing Business Administration due to having 2 business or going the route of something in Media Studies or Communications due to my interest with Photography and Videography. I've been exploring both paths.

My health, another never ending battle I'm still dealing with physically and mentally. Yet I workin on it on both fronts. 

Holidays this year have been either by phone or video chats. Christmas no doubt will come and go the same way. As well as New Year's Eve.

I also am really going to try to be more consistent with my blog writing. I feel that when I write it gives me a release mentally that feels positive. A way of getting things off of my chest. 

 I'm still a work in progress. Crossing my fingers.



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