August 3, 2020

So I did a thing ... - I GOT LOCS!!!!

So this past Saturday was the culmination of a month's worth of research and over a year's worth of worrying and wondering. I did something that I have always wanted to do. I took the plunge and had a faux loc installation. This is something that I have always wanted to do but didn't want to commit to converting my hair into real locs. I also didn't want to use real human hair. Mine are an alternative fiber. My real hair is natural and short and I want to be able to play with different styles and lengths from time to time. 

My hair the day before the install, went to the barber shop to have my sides shaved.

A coworker/friend of mine had suggested getting faux locs installed via a method called crocheting. I had never heard of and started to research this particular method. I found it fascinating but immediately worried about the individual strands. I didn't want that kind of stress on my hair so she told me of how she has her hair done. She suggested if I was trying to give my real hair a break to have my hair cornrowed and then have locs crocheted through my braids. She said it was a better way of protecting your hair. I can possibly wear the style for up to 2 months with proper maintenance. 

So the big thing about the crocheting is that at least with the locs that I purchased, is that there is a pre looped area at the top of each strand which allows for using a crocheting needle to be used to pull the hair through my cornrows and be looped once. I also wanted to go with this method because I just don't have the patience to sit in someone's chair like I used to for 5 to 6 hours. It just wasn't going to happen. It took the lady who did the install about 2 and a half hours from cornrowing my hair to finishing with the loc install. We both were quite impressed.

Just an example of crochet needles that can be used. (source: Amazon)

The locs that I am currently wearing

So as I did research for the past month I saw various styles of locs that were interesting and I snatched them up (aka. I bought them.)  I went on a few different sites to purchase them.

The ones I have currently installed are from Boho Locs collection and are the Midnight XTRA Boho Goddess Locs. So far I am loving them. They do have a bit of weight of to them but I'm pretty sure I will adjust just fine in time. After having these in for around 2 months I will take them out and let my real hair relax and breathe for about 2 to 3 months or longer depending on its condition. 

Another thing I like about my Boho Locs is that they came with a free bag of hair charms that I can add to my hair whenever I choose to. Yet I also had bought a few charms of my own about 2 years ago.

source: BohoLocs

As I decided on having the locs installed I thought about other things as well. 

 - What type of sleeping bonnet could possibly fit all of these faux locs? 

Welp I found something on Amazon and I currently have it on my head and I have to say I am so impressed I had to make a review on their page. 

This particular bonnet is from  a company called Alnorm. I was able to fit all of my locs inside without any issue and it even comes with an additional strip to protect your edges. My faux locs are 26 inches long so the fact that this bonnet could handle that length was a winner for me. These are the longest length in locs that I own. With my others being between 18-22 inches I know this bonnet won't have any issues accommodating my other options. 

-What about showers and baths

I researched shower caps that would be big enough to hold all of my locs and decided that the cap from Glow by Daye would serve me best. It is the perfect size, built very well,  and it has a drawstring to tighten around the opening. It barely shift my hair as I was moving around.

- What products to use while maintaining my locs

So before my install I washed my hair Thursday evening to get any buildup out of my hair. I wanted my hair to be fresh and clean. On Friday evening I used a product called African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave-In Conditioner and braided my hair into 3 strand and 2 strand twists to keep my hair stretched which made it easier for my braiding technician to cornrow my hair which has a 4B texture.  So I will use that product from time to time as well to maintain keeping moisture on my scalp. 

A few other products that I will use to maintain my style, but especially is for my scalp are products from a company called Canviiy. I've heard rave reviews from other people with similar hair styles but especially from stylists who use these products on their clients.

    - ScalpBliss Itch Calming Serum

    - Sea Mineral & Organic Herb Restorative Growth Serum

Once I take my locs out I will integrate the following product into my cleaning regimen to cleanse my scalp and get rid of any buildup:

    - ScalpBliss Scalp Purifying Foam Treatment

I need to get my hands on a water mist bottle, I found one online from a website called Ponyfly that I'm debating on.

Two articles that helped me out immensely are listed below.

I also have seen some impressive faux loc wigs, but I'm not really a wig person.

I will say that I do get tempted from time to time to just whip my hair around but I don't want to knock myself out.

I've already been playing around with trying different styles.

This headwrap is from Amazon

So if you are looking for a protective style and you don't want to do braids, Faux Locs might be something to consider. 

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