December 27, 2021

Car Accident - Tale of the 2 Kia's (Optima - 0 vs Forte - 1)


 I've been debating about writing about this and I woke up at 1am and now it's 6:20am and I'm like, fuck it. It's been bothering me and I need to get it out of my system so I can move forward and just deal with it. 


So last Tuesday was the last day of work with Christmas break starting at 12:30 for the kiddies. I had to leave work early to take Zoya (my semi-new Kia Optima in Sparkling Silver) to get some maintenance done. My appointment was out at the Kia dealership out in West County. Anyone that knows me that I love my new car. She is just perfect me. I found her on Carvana back in May and felt that I got her for a steal. 

Meet Zoya

Well on my way back home on the evening Dec 21, 2021 I was unfortunately in a car accident. I was on Highway 40 and the traffic was congested as hell. I know how to drive on the highway when it's that condition. YOU DON'T DRIVE FAST AND YOU PAY ATTENTION TO THE CARS IN FRONT OF YOU WHICH IS WHY I ALWAYS ALLOW 1 1/2 TO 2 CAR LENGTHS AHEAD OF ME. So as I was minding my own business unfortunately I hear these tires screech and a few seconds after that I feel an impact that hits the back of my car so hard that the turban i was wear comes unraveled. Then it was followed by another hit to the back of my car. Thankfully I was already in the farthest right lane because I was making my way to the ramp to get on I-170 to make it back home. This fool hit me right before the McKnight exit. 

Within 5 minutes I called 911 and someone from the Ladue Police Department came out. I was in shock the whole time and just crying big ass tears. I couldn't believe that MY car that I just bought in May. The first big major purchase that I have made for myself had been violated by some prick who wasn't paying attention to how they were driving on the highway.

I called my parents to let them know what happened. After speaking with them I just waited in my car for the Police. I couldn't get out of my car due to the traffic so I just waited inside my car. When I tell you I was so damn angry I honestly had fleeting moments of getting out of my car and wanting to kick the other driver's ass.

A cop arrived on the scene and made sure I was ok. I was still upset and in tears. At the time I was still in shock and didn't bother to get the other driver's information at the time. My concern was getting my car towed. So the police officer informed me that she called 2 tow trucks to assist but I told her that I had AAA and that I would call for one. The police officer also retrieved my license plate from the highway.....It's currently in my possession in the trunk of one of my parents' cars. One of the tow trucks already had shown up and I had to move my car little bit so they could maneuver the car that hit me in front so they could load it onto the tow.


This is the car that hit me, a motherfuckin Kia FORTE in SPARKLING SILVER

I never saw what the front of their car looked like. Honestly I didn't give a shit. I was more concerned about what the hell the back of MY car looked like. So I asked one of the tow truck drivers (not the one I called) to please take a few pictures of the back of my car so I could see what the damage looked like.


When I tell you the breath from my body felt like it "left the building". My body was sore, I had a killer headache and now on top of this my Xmas was pretty much ruined because my car didn't even make the year without being damaged. So after the tow truck left with the offender's vehicle, the police officer asked if I was ok and wanted her to stay. I told her no thank you and said I was good enough to wait on my AAA tow. She left and then less than a few minutes later someone from Highway services stopped to check on me. He gave me a water bottle and then he left shortly afterwards. My AAA tow showed about 15 minutes later and he took me along with my car back to the Kia dealership that I had just been to hours earlier. We didn't arrive until around 8:30pmMy dad was there to meet up with me. The trunk was so messed up that we couldn't access it so I decided to wait until the next morning at the dealership to see if they would be able to pry it open. I emailed my Kia dealership liaison that evening to let them know what happened.

So fast forward to the next morning, I find out that My Kia dealership doesn't do bodywork. They did recommend someone down the street so I had to use another AAA tow to have it taken to that location. With it being daylight while at the Kia dealership I took more pictures so I could really see the damage.

My baby was violated

So now my car is at the bodywork's place and I've already have a list of what I'm requesting to be fixed/reimbursed on with this fiasco. Main thing I want my car back the way it was. Even though unfortunately I know when a car is damaged it's never really the same again...

So ever since that day, when I go out guess what I see? Tons of Kia Optimas and Kia Fortes IN MY FACE! I'm like why in da hell am I going through this torture. But yesterday took the cake (Dec. 26). I was driving on Lucas & Hunt going over HWY 70. I had the green light and what guess what drives through THEIR red light and I almost hit? A damn Kia Optima! At this point I'm just like I'm being laughed at by some higher entity. I feel like at times I'm just being cursed. I had such a good high of passing my Microeconomics class only to be brought crashing back down with this shit. Unfortunately this incident has given me nightmares. Like I hear fucking tires screeching in my sleep and I wake up bolting up in my bed......

So now I get to bring in the new year with my car waiting on repairs. In all honesty I do hope the other driver is ok. I also hope he learned a valuable lesson in paying the FUCK ATTENTION to your surroundings when driving. Because Skylar Martin, you surely fucked up my Christmas and New Year's. Do fuckin better.

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