September 14, 2017

StainColoredThoughts Photography: Hangin with Partyfovl at Eat.Drink.Chill

Last Sunday during Labor Day weekend I had the pleasure of taking photos of two of my friends while they were spinning on their turntables. Individually they are known as DJ Epic & SpontaneousMixx. Together they go by PartyFovl. They have their own unique way of mixing but they blend so masterfully well. The event they were providing music for was a social event called EAT.DRINK.CHILL. Think grown and sexy crowds coming together to party and mingle under one roof throughout the year at various locations.

Dyanamic Duo: SpontaneousMixx & DJ Epic

So I arrived to Ballpark Village Downtown via a ride from Lyft (they are the bomb!) Found Trenton and waited in a back room behind the stage and took my equipment out to get ready for taking pictures. So I was mainly there to get pictures of the PartyFovl crew, everything else was secondary so I made sure to focus my shots on them as well as them interacting with the crowd.

I noticed while I was there, I was the only female with a DSLR and the guys that were there with their cameras were really cool in sharing knowledge with me.  So I mainly stayed on the stage or right in front of it to get my pictures in. For the most part, I think I did a pretty good job. I definitely had to take them into Lightroom for some editing and I feel that I'm getting better with that as well.

Overall the music was great, after everything shut down, we went to IHOP and had breakfast and called it a night. Good times were had by all:)

 Check out the pictures below (might have to click on picture):

Partyfovl @ Eat.Drink.Chill 09/03/17
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