August 22, 2017

My week is looking pretty good

This has been one interesting week so far and it's only Tuesday!

Sunday was game night at a friend's house and it was a blast!!! We played 3 different games (Aggrivation, UNO, and Creationary). The food was great! I mean who passes up Sausage and Pepperoni pizza from Walmart and of course I always bring a gift to game night so I brought my favorite bottle of wine (Marco Negri) that is also a favorite to everyone else.

Yesterday was the Solar Eclipse and I can't say enough about it. It was quite simply....epic. The school where I work made a big ole day about it and gave the kids pretty much a half day to enjoy themselves outside and check out the eclipse with their special glasses. I was designated the official photographer for it so I took around 150 shots. I also caught some of the eclipse itself. The next eclipse in North America will not hit until 2024. So I have 7 years to brush up on my photography skills so I can take a more impressive picture in the future.

Just a few of my shots of the solar eclipse yesterday

 I also received some cool Solar Eclipse glasses for the view as well.

 In keep with photography stuff, I start my film photography class this evening and I am super excited. I am going to use one of my film cameras, a Canon 7ne for the class. I love it because I know the lenses from my Canon DSLRS are compatible with this film camera so I plan on using this to my advantage. I have my book for the class (rented from Amazon) and I'm ready to get started.

I've also been slowly but steady reading a book on meditation. I've decided that I want to get back into reading books the way I used to. I have a stack of them that I ready to get to.

Welp, hopefully the rest of my week will go as planned. I hope you enjoy yours as well.

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