August 19, 2013

UPDATE: My Natural Hair Regimen - My hair is chugging along like the lil engine that could

Ok so yesterday (Sunday) I was bored and decided to do a length check. So as of right now the length on my hair is 7 1/2 inches. Which is pretty good since I started off May 2012 with just about an inch when I Big Chopped. 

My hair before I going through my wash day routine

 So as I was going through my weekend whole co-wash/deep condition routine all I could think about was how tedious it is at times when you go through the routine especially with detangling. When it comes to the detangling part I won't lie, I HATE it!!! I get nervous when I see my hair in the brush and I take it out and see how much came out. Yet I think I've been doing alright especially when compared to what I went through when I saw Daisha in February and she had to deal with my head when it started to dread up. Yet as usual my ends are my battle even with me going through gently with my wide tooth combs and detangling brush. But afterwards I can get through smooth without any issues.

about the average amount of hair I lose when detangling

I also was thinking about how little my hair routine has changed in regards to the products I use. For the most part what I have been using for quite a while has worked wonders for me. Thankfully I don't feel as though I have had to change up anything out of necessity if anything it was more out of curiosity. I do enjoy how throughout the week my hair has a tendency to "rise up" from its curl pattern and I look a tad bit crazy. But I like it.

My hair for a 70's theme party I went to on Saturday

I know I'm due for my 6 month trim so I will be making an appointment to see Daisha very soon. I was trying for this week but unfortunately the timing wasn't right so hopefully next week will work out better.

My hair after washing day, shrinkage is a BEE-ATCH!!!

So if you can't already tell, I can't do any hairstyles on my hair to save my life. I'm still at wash and go phases and I'm pretty sure I will be this way for quite some time until I get some more growth on it. I should have taken pictures of it during wash day while it was covered in my Jamaican Black Castor oil and Coconut co wash. It definitely has some length to it and can definitely swing back and forth WHILE WET, but man when it dries back up.....THAT is a different story. Also during my last update I stated I was using the Tropic Isle Leave in Conditioner. Well after a few weeks trying that product I realized my hair was NOT feeling it so I was back in the hunt for another Leave in. So I ended up contacting Daisha and now I've added to my hair routine Design Essentials Leave in Conditioner and it works perfectly.

So for the most part my washing and maintaining regimens have not really changed since my last update in April except that my Leave in Conditioner has changed from the Tropic Isle Living to the Design Essentials brand.

So, out with this in my routine

In with this in my routine

The only thing better than finding something that works for you, is finding that they offer it in a bigger size:)

I bought the 32 oz version at a beauty supply store and will use this to refill my bottle:)

Now with my everyday routine with my hair, I'm still mist my hair lightly with water, then use Design Essentials Moisturizing lotion, then my DIY Shea Butter recipe with lavender ( I added this on my recent batch that I made because I'm just not feeling the Shea Butter nutty smell) and then I finish up with Design Essentials Reflections Shine Liquid.

Now there is something new I'm thinking about making as far as oil mixtures. I bought some pure Argan oil and Macedonia oil and I'm thinking about making a mixture with these two to alternate from time to time with the regular mixture that I'm already using.  I'm thinking 1 oz Argan oil to 4 oz of Macedonia oil and possibly adding lemon oil to give it a lively scent:)

The oil mixture I am currently using from Naptural85 - I've made adjustments to the recipe: I've gone from 2.5 oz of Jojoba oil to 1 oz.  I've added 1 oz. Grapeseed Oil, a few drops of Peppermint Oil and .5 oz Tropic Isle Red Pimento Oil.

Argan Oil

Macadamia oil

So.......yea that's is the take on my hair as of right now:)

Until the next episode....

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