August 9, 2013

Back to work already ...antidepressants anyone?

Well this week has been trying to say the least. I officially was back on the job August 1st. Last Thursday and Friday were busy but no where near as busy and crazy as this week. This week was a test to my sanity and nerves.  The biggest thing this week was dealing with new student enrollments. Now normally this wouldn't be a big thing for me in the past but with the passing of the Cooperating School District (CSD) ruling it has become more of a challenge.

Since this Monday I've been juggling getting all information that I need on all our new students whether they are based in our district or coming through the CSD program. On Tuesday and Wednesday evening we had our registration nights for those returning students to come through and drop off paper work. So imagine being at my desk and you are having to input God knows how many kids into the system as new students, oh and did I mention I also throughout all this sending off  transfer requests to all schools involved about our new incoming students?????????????????????????????????? That paperwork is coming in slowly by the way. Oh and I haven't even BEGUN to go through returning student demographics yet and update any information that might have changed.

By Thursday pretty much everything came to a boil for me when a district employee came to my office and informed me the registration packet that I had revamped last year had never been board approved.  Now mind you I already had just dealt with a parent 5 minutes earlier who was enrolling her child and she had just brought to my attention that somehow I had mistakenly given her a copy of LAST YEAR'S registration packet....................................................

When she the district employee handed me the papers that I had to put back into the packet I just stared at them and was like, "I'm done, like stick a fucking fork in me I'm done." I know I must have had the look of just utter complete defeat on my face because the lady felt bad. I told her it wasn't her fault, but I knew who I needed to blame on it. I had worked my ass off in regards to getting that damn thing done and to find out all my hard work on it had not even been taken in front of the board for approval. I could feel the steam coming out of my ears. I was SOOOOOOOO fucking pissed I started to tear up at my desk. I didn't even make to to the restroom before I just started bawling. 

What I looked like in the bathroom stall just a few shades darker

So after being in the bathroom for at least 5 to 10 minutes I come out of one of the stalls and I look in the mirror. My makeup which I had done earlier that day had me looking like a sad clown because of the mascara streaks down my face and my lashes clumping together. I informed my coworker in the office that I was taking my lunch break OUT of the building and that I would be back in 30 minutes. I just needed a breather and didn't want to be on campus. So after I went to McDonald's and just decompressed for a while, I went back to work and finished out my work day. A friend of mine saw my message and invited me to workout with her at her gym. I tell ya, it was definitely what I needed to burn off some of my frustration of the day.

My tweet in the bathroom stall..

Now it takes alot to get under my skin when it comes to my job, but all this crap this week had just taken it's toil on me mentally. I know after everything has died down I have to revamp the fucking registration packet for new and returning students. But I can't even BEGIN to worry about that yet because I still haven't received packets on some students or for that much been able to meet parents that I still need to give packets to because they have YET to come up to the school and pick them up and did I mention that school starts on Tuesday?

So today (Friday) I was feeling better. Even though I was only working on about 5 hours of sleep (still worried about stuff from yesterday), didn't go to bed until 1:15am I was doing slightly better than the previous day. I was able to get some more work out the way, but it still felt like a "quicksand" day. So I'm not looking forward to Monday because I'm assuming that more stuff will come out the wood works in regards to parents coming through to do last minute registration but hey those are the trade offs to job security...

Out of my mind......

Until the next episode....

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