December 14, 2008

respecting someone's space

This past Friday there was an incident that happened at work that I can say was easily the number one thing that has EVER pissed me off while working at my main job. The reason I'm saying that is that even with it being Sunday, I still have been thinking about it. If there is one thing i have always believed in is respecting someone's place where they work. Unfortunately I have co-workers who have not been enlightened to that same rule.

On Friday I was at work with a mountain of crap to do as usual. When one of my co-workers comes through and begins to clean out the area beneath my countertops where we kept old gradebooks from years before. He states the principal told him he could clean them out but keep only up the last 5 years. So he goes through that and I'm going through my work. After he gets done with that, he proceeds to clean the top of my file cabinets. I wasn't particular concerned about that but then my feathers get riled up because he tells me that a file holder I had on one of my cabinets had to be moved somewhere else. I looked at him and told him it needed to stay there. I could tell he wanted to say something else but wisely held his tongue. He then put a different file organizer on my desk on top of some paper I was dealing with. That slowly started to make my temp rise.

So I move the 2nd file organizer back on top the file cabinents and he cleans it up. Then he asks me about the table that I have off to the left hand side of my desk. He asks me if I could deal with a smaller table and I tell him no and that I prefer that one. He then starts to move things off my brown cabinet that is flush against the left hand side of my wall. He moves a box that I have designated for SSD mail on to my file cabinets and I told him I didn't want it there.

He says he is trying to see if rearranging the table and cabinet would be better. By this time I'm getting real pissed and i told him that I did not want my furniture moves. He ignores me and I repeat myself to him. Then the principal comes through the door and he asks the principal his opinion as though mine didn't count. The principal agreed with him and that sent me through the roof. I told the principal that it didn't matter what their opinion was it was my office and I didn't want anything to be moved. Then my co-worker says, "yea I agree with him, it does look like shit". Right then and there I could had knocked his ass out.

He then continues to move the furniture and I was like fuck this shit and left the office. I was fuming so I went to 2 of my co-workers and told them what happened. One of them was like, now you understand what all of us have been trying to tell you. He acts as though he is on a power trip. I was always trying to defend him to everyone else saying that they just misunderstood him, but now with that incident I see him in a totally different light.

After speaking with them I went down to the cafeteria and vented out to one of the cooks. After about leaving the office for 20 minutes I go back to my office and find my furniture had been changed around. The brown cabinet had been taken out of the office and moved into the principal's office and my table had been moved to flush against the wall where the cabinet had been. My principal was coming through my swing door and I looked at him and told him, "we need to have a talk right now".

I lit into his ass and told him I didn't appreciate what had happened. What pissed me off really was then the co-worker who did the changes has the nerve to come into principal's office while I'm speaking and says, "Oh Windom you can't stay that mad at me." Then he tries to give me a hug. I turned my face away and then he proceeds to measure off space for bulletin boards in the principal's office. I just look at him with a sneer and the principal to me personally doesn't seem to take what I'm saying seriously. He then tells me about a student who is suppose to get 10 days OSS. Im just lookin at them both like what a pair.

I go back to my office and all I can think about is how pissed I am with what has happened. I am steady on the phone and dealing with paperwork and the co-worker finally leaves his office and tries to talk to me, I ignore him and he leaves the office. He then comes in later and asks If I want my photo ID taken and I said no, he then asks if I want it Monday and I say yes. You know what? I can have someone else take my photo because I wouldn't be in a smiling mode with him.

So then around 1:45pm I finally take my lunch and I can't even enjoy it because of all this shit happening. I get back to work and another co-worker that I'm cool with tells me that he is at the front table. So as I'm talkin with her I get a phone call and I'm going up the steps towards my office, the co-worker who pissed me off, he trying to get my attention while he is sitting on the main table in the hallway. I just waived him off because I didn't want to speak with him. I go in the office and make copies of payroll.

My co-worker that gave me the heads up that he was at the table was also in the office at the time and I informed her of what happened. She just shook her head and then we both left out and we go down an opposite corridor to the teacher's lounge. As we are both walking down my principal calls my name and asks where I am going. I told him home and to drop off payroll. He then makes some jokes and I can honestly say it was the first smile I had so far. Yet then I hear the co-worker that pissed me off started to call my name and I just rolled my eyes. The co-worker I was walkin down the hallway with opened the teacher's lounge and I used the facilites. He apparently came through and my coworker told him that I didn't want to speak to him.

What really got me riled up though was when another one of my co-workers asked the one that I'm pissed off with what happened while I was at lunch. Apparently his response was, " It wasn't a big deal and that he was working under the mandate of the principal." BULLSHIT NEWS FLASH, I don't give a fuck what anyone told ya. You ask me first if it's okay. This is MY OFFICE and I'm the one who has to work in it. I don't tell the principal how to run his office and I don't tell the co-worker in question how to run his area.

So afterwards we left and I take the payroll over to the administration office. Informed them of what happened then I went home. This whole weekend even when I was at my 2nd job workin a 12 hour shift I still was thinking about this situation.

So work is coming tomorrow and boy I would say this. From now on if you come in MY OFFICE it had better be to SIGN IN or SIGN OUT, make copies, get your mail or talk to the principal. There is nothing that needs to be said between us. DONT even come past my swinging door unless you are going directly in to speak with principal. I don't need any damn bulletin board, what I have on my wall by my desk will stay up there until I say otherwise and if I see anymore changes in MY OFFICE there will be hell to pay.

Lesson learned from this story: Don't fuck with me.
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