December 31, 2008

10 Tips To Win Back Your Ex

Took this from my boy Dizco has some great pointers for those trying to reunite with their ex.

10 Tips To Win Back Your Ex
By The Fly Guy

You couldn’t stop tossing and turning last night. Your thoughts on this night, just like the many nights before, were filled with memories of the one that got away. Well maybe it’s time you began to fight for the one that still sets your soul on fire. By following these 10 Tips to Win Back Your Ex, you’ll be back to buying customized his and her t-shirts and humming “Always and Forever” in no time.

1. Email is your friend.
Perhaps the initial key to working your way back into their good graces is to keep in touch in a non-threatening way. Sending an email is the ticket because it is less personal than a phone call or a text message, but still allows you the means to linger in their consciousness. Keep it simple though. A casual “Hey”, or “How are you?” will suffice.

2. Remember birthdays and other important dates.
Write it down, take a picture or do whatever it takes to ensure you don’t forget to call on their birthday, or any other special day in their life. In the simplest of ways, this shows that you still care, which in effect thaws a bit more of the icebox around the heart of your lost love.

3. Stay in touch with family and friends.
Until your ex comes to their senses, you may want to keep the communication lines open with their friends and family. Make sure that your exchanges with them are casual, and non relationship based. You can however, pepper in a few comments that allude to your desire to reunite…but that’s only if the opportunity presents itself. (Note: Mothers prove to be a most effective ally when you choose to initiate “Operation Family-Gate”)

4. Call from time to time.
While I would never advise pressing for an immediate reconciliation, disappearing altogether is a definite no-no. So pick up the phone and call from time to time, just to check up on them. If getting back together is still a sensitive subject, then steer away from those types of discussions. Just make sure that by the end of the conversation, you’ve demonstrated that you still care and that they remain in your thoughts.

5. Admit your mistakes.
If the break up was in fact your fault, take the adult route and admit your mistakes. Even if you weren’t totally at fault, by admitting that there were things you could have done better you will show your willingness to take a more mature approach in the relationship, should there be a second time around.

6. Show your growth.
Once you’ve admitted your mistakes, the next and most natural step in your progression is to show how you’ve addressed those areas in your life. Maybe you were a compulsive shoplifter, or even a horrible speller. Whatever it was that drained the life out of your relationship, it’s imperative that you prove it is no longer an issue. Until then, the chances of reconciliation are slim to none.

7. Don’t overdo it.
There’s no need to take out a full page ad in the Sunday paper or to write a 10-page letter soaked in their favorite fragrance to prove your sincerity. Just state your case for reconciling and stick to your guns. If you do too much the extra theatrics can prove to be a big turn off.

8. Don’t play games.
Make sure your signals are coming through loud and clear. Don’t act gung ho about getting back together one day, only to change your approach and act standoffish the next. You owe it to them and yourself to remain consistent in your approach. Maintaining that level of consistency adds credibility and integrity to your “Take Me Back” campaign.

9. Improve yourself.
You can’t waste your life away obsessing over whether things will work out in your favor. Instead, use the free time to raise your personal stock. Maybe you’ve been trying to get your finances in order, or looking to finally achieve that “summer body” you’ve always wanted. By focusing on becoming a better YOU, you will become more desirable to everyone you meet, including your ex.

10. Be patient.
Perhaps the most common error made when trying to win back an ex, is a failure to exercise patience. There’s no guarantee that as soon as you utter the words, “I want you back,” they’ll come running into your arms in slow motion from across a field of daisies. It may take a day or it may take an extended period of time. In the end, the length of time you’re willing to wait for your true love reflects how badly you want them back.

-- Mr.Dizco
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