May 28, 2007

man what a week

Well today is Memorial Day and I'm up this morning chilling before helping my sister start a nice big fire in one of our B-Q pits. This past week has been something else. Of course you know what happened Wednesday. Well beyond that I've been just treating myself to little odds and ends. On Thursday I went to the mall and picked up a few things. Yet you know what was really freaky, a guy from Myspace I had met before contacted me. previous post on the prick

Well he states that he will be in town and wanted to know if I wanted to get together. Needless to say that guy didn't get a response back. Well Then this past Friday, I was chilling and then met up with my girls (Mina and Danny) at their house. I stayed for about 30 min and then I had to run my mom her food from Cheesecake Factory. So we agreed to meet up at Cicero's to enjoy some food. I get up there around 10pm something-ish and we just relax and talk. Afterwards we say our goodbyes.

Saturday I had work from 10am to 6:30pm. Afterwards I was about to go straight home but I wanted to go to West County Mall and chilled out there till around 9:30pm it was raining like crazy by the time I left and I got home safe. Yesterday of course was Sunday and I had to work 2pm to close. AFterwards a few Best Buy people go together and went to Dave and Busters. Had a kick-ass time we rented out a party area and had some pool tables to ourselves. I beat Danielle in the first game we played. Then Danny and Tracy played a game and it was HILARIOUS. Never saw 2 people cheat at billards the way these two did. LOLOLOL

Of course we went to the gaming area and I played one game of basketball, then Dan (another coworker of ours) and myself went to play TIME CRISIS 4 and pretty much spent all our credits on that game. It was fun. Then we see other co-workers there as well and it became a pretty big crowd of us. Eventually we left there and went to the Casino. We then arrive there and I tell my friends I'm just gonna sit on a bench because I getting tired. Well after dozing off a couple of times I head back to my car and just sleep there. Then Danielle comes out about an hour later and I take her home and then head home myself.

Had a great Memorial far. Also on an intersting note, my sis offically moving out on June 3rd, I know she has been looking forward to this for quite some time. I'm happy for her and hopefully soon it will be my turn.

Oh and apparently my mom and sis are actually putting some food together for Memorial Day. My sis is going to B-Q and my mom is getting other food together. I thought we werent doing anything. Shows how much I'm informed huh? HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT MEMORIALS DAY, besafe and god bless;)
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