February 1, 2019

Habit Forming, Life Changing

Back in December I had a serious coming to Jesus moment with myself. I realized I was in a stage in my life that I wasn't happy and realized that I needed to do something about it. I finally realized that my life wasn't going to change until I started to change things about myself. I talked to a close friend about how I was feeling. I'm not one to who believes in resolutions. I just feel they are just goals that will lead to failure. Just my opinion on it. So I decided I was going to start things differently for myself. I have various issues that I deal with. Finances, Health, and Mentality. They all weave in together and effect each other. 

So I decided to confront my finances and really tackle them head on. Yet I didn't know how to start which is why I started and have maintained using Tiffany the Budgetista methods. I've been transforming how I think about money in general and her methods have helped a lot. Going through her steps really made me wish that I had learned about Finances back in high school and I firmly believe finance classes should taught in school, probably as early as 8th grade. I thankfully also have help from someone who works in the banking industry and is helping me along the way as well.

I also decided that I really wanted to learn about the stock market and came across a lady who I felt really explains it in such a way that I understand it. If you are interested as well you should check her out, her name is Tela Holcomb.

In dealing with my finances I have been working on Tiffany's methods since the beginning of January. I worked on her methods for at least two weeks before I decided to tackle another challenge on my list. I didn't want to start on all three at the same time because I felt it would be too overwhelming. So I decided to give one issue my clear attention until I felt comfortable enough to make it part of my routine to start with something else.

The next thing on my list was my health. Now I've been slowly changing my eating habits since December. As of right now I've dropped over 20 pounds. I'm proud of myself but it's no where what I want to be. Yet I'm learning to celebrate the milestones as they come. I realized that I just didn't want to know how to eat right but also why and how. I came across something on facebook that caught my eye. I kept checking it out for a few weeks. This website called HabitNest. They have different journals that help you change your habits and teach how through various scientific techniques. The journals that were interesting to me were on Meditation, Nutrition, and Weightlifting. They offer them in book format and also PDF's. So I decided to get the Nutrition and Weightlifting versions.

Fat Loss & Nutrition Sidekick

Weightlifting gym buddy

So I started reading the Nutritional Journal back on January 24th and the Weightlifting Journal on January 26th. I'm learning about food in a different way that I find interesting and very informative. I learned I can enjoy what I eat but enjoy it in moderation and also alternative ways. I have learned to slow down and not forklift food into my mouth. Yet the biggest thing I've learned also, not perfectly but improving is not let my emotions trigger me into eating. This is one of my biggest issues.

Now in regards to the Weightlifting Journal, I'm learning about the various muscle groups and what makes our body go through the changes that it goes through to be able to be fit. I know why I'm unhealthy. Part of it is physical the other part is mental. I'm trying to get myself back physically so it will hopefully help me combat my mental issues. This also means I will be back in a gym. I HATE THE GYM!! ugh...I just really felt like yelling that out. The reason I hate it is that it is a slap in the face reminder that I'm working out. Yet I know I'm gonna have to get over it. With the Weightlifting Journal it gives me exercises and routines to go through on a daily basis for over a period of time. I can write down my reps and weights. Thankfully there is a gym at my job that I have used once so far but I know I will need to get down a weekly routine.

I'm trying to get myself to mentally understand that all the changes I'm going through even though they are small on a daily basis will lead up to bigger and better things down the road. This is so super hard to embrace at times because I want instant gratification.

My mentality is my biggest hurdle. Without going into much detail I will say that I have gone back to seeing my therapist. It is helping but I know that I've a ways to go. I'm also trying to learn meditation and might get the HabitNest meditation journal. My mind is always on 10 and I'm trying to learn how to slow myself down and be able to concentrate. Not get discourage over stuff and stop feeling as though I'm intellectually inferior. I'm dealing with other things as well but just trying take things, one day at a time and be encouraged.

Learning new habits one day at a time, to make a lifestyle change.

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