January 16, 2018

Baby it's cold outside

This weekend has been cold. Nothing new. Yet only in Saint Louis you can appreciate a 30 degrees drop within a few hours. I must say I definitely did enjoy our 3 day weekend. Even with it being cold as heck. Friday evening I went to Gulf Shore and enjoyed a nice dinner. With me trying to learn how to eat more conscientiously it's been a bit of a battle to learn that I don't have to eat everything on my plate and can ask for a box to put the rest to go. The rest of the evening I just chilled at home.

Saturday was fun with an outing out to the mall as well as scouting locations for a photo shoot that I had yesterday. That evening I ended up at the mall because I to replace one of my fave lipsticks. Which really pissed me off. Yet I had a pleasant surprise because apparently I had racked up some points off of a membership called Plenti. Didn't even know I had it and the points I had on the system were enough to buy the lipstick as well as something else.

Also made a stop into the Alex and Ani store that is also located in the same mall and was checking the sales. Struck up an amazing conversation with one of the sale ladies by the name of Cheyla. She was so relaxing to talk to and further into our conversation I found out that she also makes body butters as well. She has a really cool name for her business, Honey of the Earth hair & body products. So as I'm looking into the bracelets lets me know of a certain set that is tied into numerology. It's cool because there is a test (Personal Blueprint) you take on their main website and within a few minutes it will let you know the results of your test. I took it and my special number was 6.

So after exchanging info with Cheyla, I bid her farewell and made my way to another favorite store of mine called Anthropologie. I'm always drawn to this store and it is so calming and relaxing. Except for when I check the price tags on the clothes. They always have candles that smell SO just want to melt into the floor in a relaxing yoga pose. I happen to check out their clearance section and found some awesome rose gold metallic platform tennis shoes for $40 bucks, regular retail $120!!

Dr. Scholl's Abbot Sneakers

Afterwards I decided to call it a night and tucked tail and went home.

My Sunday was ok for the most part.  I went to Old Navy and Barnes and Noble as well as went through Clayton to try to find more shooting options for my photo shoot for the following day.

So Monday comes around.....and there is flippin snow EVERYWHERE!!!! So I get in contact with my niece who I am doing some headshots for and verify that we are still on to take photos. So I make my way to her place and while I wait for her at her house, my grand-niece proceeds to give me 5 different doctor/patient checkups. I must say I was quite impress with the Kylo Ren light saber that also doubles as a  thermometer and needle for shots.

Her Dr. basket

Kylo Ren Lightsaber/Thermometer

So after my niece makes it back to her home looking all glammed up, we decide on her outfit and after making a quick stop, make our way out to the Delmar Loop. Now I had been researching interesting places to take her headshots, inside and outside. Yet with it being MLK holiday. Some places were closed. So we found 3 different areas outside and took some pics. I have to say my niece is straight gangsta and a troopa. For her to deal with the weather the way it was. Man I would have rescheduled if I was her but I know she needed these pics for  her job this week. So rescheduling was not an option.

So after we were done shooting we went looking for food. Our first stop Mai Lee in Brentwood was unfortunately closed but then I made the recommendation to go to Tei Too in Webster Groves. The food was fabulous. I had my usual but after seeing what my niece had I might  be tempted to try something new next time.

Pineapple fried rice with shrimp

So after eating we go back to her house. We say our goodbyes and I head on home to get ready to make body butters that evening. Had quite a few orders but glad to have them finished for my customers.

Well beyond all that, the weather is suppose to stay the same. Can't wait for a change up. It's long overdue. Stay warm folks :)

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