September 11, 2016

Stain Colored Thoughts: The Battle Isn't Yours

On September 2nd I did event photography for a play that was held at the JCPenney Conference Center on University of MO - STL campus. The director of the play is Joice Valentine. She is also one of the subjects of my photography project ShowYouSTL.

I arrived around 6:30pm to get myself setup in the back of the auditorium with my equipment. I rented a  lens and mono-pod from Schillers for the job. After setting up and checking everything I noticed the lighting for the play was very cool so I knew in post processing I would have to warm back up the temperature of the pictures.

The performance started around 7:20pm with the stage coming to life with a husband and wife having marital issues. In the cross hairs is their teenage daughter. Much turmoil is going on not only through all three of their lives, but also with those who interact with them. The play states that no matter the burden,  if you give your problems to God, he will carry your burden as well as see you through to a reconciliation and a new beginning.

After the performance the cast received the audience in the main section of the JCPenny Conference Center. There were also a few vendors  for people to peruse through. From the vibe of the crowd you can tell the performance was definitely received in a positive light.

Afterwards the cast was rounded up back to the stage for some group pictures. I called it a night around 10pm and informed Joice that I would deliver the pictures within 7 to 10 days.

I met up with Joice this past Friday to deliver her the pictures and we spoke for around 30 minutes. I told her that I thought the performance was great and to keep pressing on. I told her nothing comes easy when you really want it and to not listen to those who doubt your purpose. She plans on producing the play again hopefully next year at a different venue.

Please check out the pictures below and enjoy.

The Battle Isn't Yours
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