August 29, 2016

Stain Colored Thoughts: Artifical Light Photography

Edward Crim showing us the ropes during a Creative Studio session - Aug 9th, 2016

So if you have read my previous posts you know I enjoyed the hell out of my Digital Photography/Photoshop class and was geared up to take a film version of the class this fall. I mean I found out the book I had ordered for the film class was literally the same version, I mean about 95% the same. I compared the digital and films books and just couldn't believe my luck. I thankfully have saved ALL the quizzes and tests that I took from the summer course and have all my notes in a folder. So back in May I rented my Digital Photography books from I loved their service and used them again for my fall Film class.

My Summer books were the following:

My Fall class is this book:

So fast forward to this early August and I was visiting one of my favorite camera stores called Schiller's located off of Manchester near McKnight Road in Saint Louis, MO. If you ever need camera equipment in my opinion they are the absolute BEST to visit. The layout is great and the staff go above and beyond to assist. One of my favorite's is Edward Crim who not only works at Schiller's but also hosts a group via called Saint Louis Photography Club. While I was in there one day talking with him about an upcoming project that was offered to me in November, he recommended that I join his OTHER group called Studio Creative. Both groups are paid memberships (Saint Louis Photography Club is $15/year and Studio Creative is $25/month) and in my opinion are definitely worth the money.

With Studio Creative, members meet on Thursdays at his studio and get hands on learning about how to use studio equipment. So I signed up and went to the Intro to Studio Photography class that was held on August 9th.

To say I had a blast is an understatement. We learned about the various types of equipment that is used. We took pictures of vase of flowers with different light settings and also took pictures of Ed as well with different backgrounds.

A group of my pictures SOOC (straight out of camera) without edits. On a separate note I just can't believed I used Adobe Photoshop to make this collage of pictures. As many issues that I had with understanding Photoshop during taking the course this summer, it just came naturally to make this without barely any issues. Still kind of in shock. lol It's the little things that make me happy. Always remember LAYERS are your friend. lol

Then we took some pictures of Ed.

SOOC (Straight out of camera)

So after this meetup I spoke with Ed for a few minutes and he recommended that I take the film course in the Spring. So after going through my community college's other classes to see what else I could take, I found an Artificial Lighting Photography class that is two nights a week and it had only had 2 slots remaining. I immediately did a transfer and had to find the book for this class. So I still have the Film photography book and plan on reading through it as well. Especially since I don't have to return it until December.

The book for my new class is:

So my class for college started last Monday. Our class is actually held in a studio room so we are surrounded by all these various softboxes, background drops, a few Macs, printers, and some other equipment stored in a locked room. I love it because it doesn't feel like a normal classroom which would have probably put me to sleep within 15 minutes.

Class is in session while on campus.
So I'm currently in hog heaven because if you think about it I'm in a studio possibly up to 3 times out of the week.

So last Thursday during the Creative Studio session it was bring a beverage to shoot for Product Photography. I brought coffee but we didn't use it. Some other people brought beer, another person brought coffee, and we also had some Remy Martin Cognac as well.

I was with the beer group and I have to say I never knew the behind the scenes work that goes into prepping your product before the shoot. There was an awesome gentleman there by the name of Tim who was instructing us in regards to the process and allowing us to assist with prepping the beer bottles. Then after that phase was done we had to get the lighting into place which was probably the most difficult thing of the shoot. Making sure light was bouncing where it was suppose on the beer bottle and glass that was in the shoot. After THAT we had to make sure when we poured the beer that the foam spilled over just right. I took my photo way after the foam had died down, you don't want to waste

SOOC (Straight out of camera), I do notice a slight part of the gold reflector card peeking out at the bottom of the glass.

Overall I'm having a blast! I want to learn various types of photography. Some people say it's better to focus in on one style, others have told me the more you do and experience the more well rounded you will become. I enjoy all types and look forward to experiencing them all. Who knows maybe after experiencing them all I might zone in on just a few or just say teach me whatever so I can soak it all up like a sponge.

What seems to draw my eye? Landscape, Product, Portraits, Lifestyle, Fashion, Macro, Candid, Boudoir, and Event photography.  I've enjoyed taking pictures and enjoying other people's artwork since I can remember. At this point I'm becoming more comfortable about my camera. I can make switches with ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed with a lot more confidence in natural light, but I'm still learning.

I can't wait to learn something new in class this evening!
You have no idea how long it has been since I have said that about a college class. I'll give you a hint.......a very long time.

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