March 31, 2016

First Time Experiences: Wax on Wax off, Brazilian style

Yesterday I did something I thought I would never do. I had a Brazilian Wax done. Now I'm SLOWLY starting to get back into the swing of things when it comes to self grooming. I resumed getting regular fancy manicures and pedicures and trying to keep my eyebrows arched the way I like them.

I'm not going to lie, I've been in such a funk for such a while and I am talking years. I kept myself up don't get me wrong. I wasn't a cave woman by any means but I wasn't going out and getting services done. I would just maintain at home because I just didn't feel good about myself to want to pamper myself. So since last December I decided to start changing some of my habits. Hell I've even started buying makeup from Sephora and Nordstrom to recharge my collection.

So I was talking to an amazing lady who is a close friend of my older sister and I will call her Lady Pearl. She was interested in some of my whipped butter products (All That MsJazz Hair and Body Products) and I brought her order to her house. We talked and gabbed for a LONG time. Our talks then turned to various grooming techniques and she asked me if I had ever had a Brazilian done. I told her I had not but had always been curious about the procedure.

She informs me of the place that she goes to (Estetical laser & skincare studio) and lets me know that they have a Groupon promotion currently active. So I check it out and decide to buy one that evening at her house. So a few hours later as I'm driving home I'm thinking, 'What in the hell have I done and why did I just blow $29 on something like that?'

So eventually I push the matter to the back of my mind until this past Saturday when Lady Pearl hits me up via a private message and asks me if I have made an appointment for my Brazilian Wax. I told her I had not because I was just nervous about the whole procedure. So she informs me that she is contacting the business to make her appointment and will check to see if they times back to back so she can stay with me for moral support. She hits me back up and states they didn't have back to back times, so I call and schedule my appointment for 6:15pm. They recommend with this being my first time to be there by 5:30pm, I planned on being there by 5:15pm. They also informed me of what I needed to do prior to the procedure.

By Wednesday morning, I made sure to have done my required landscaping down south and then 1 hour prior to my appointment I popped an Aleve to help with any pain I might encounter. So I'm driving in my car, fighting the rain and arrive at my destination by 5:15pm. As I park, I see Lady Pearl coming out of the establishment and she is getting into her vehicle. I walk across the street and make my way to the building where Estetical is located and knock on her window. She tells me not to worry and to hit her up once I'm done.

After being buzzed into the building, I make my way to the second floor and Cassie who is the esthetician on duty, greets me at the door.  First impression of the place is WOW. It definitely has a calming presence with the walls reminding me of clean blue ocean. There was already another client ahead of me and she was getting ready for her own procedure as I filled out paperwork. I would say her procedure took less than 30 minutes. So I'm gauging in my head if I'll be done by that time as well.

So she informs me about the procedure and what to expect. She takes me into a beautiful room that is painted in a nice calm lavender color with a big comfortable chair that is completely reclined back. She informs me to just undress from the waist down and to lie down on the chair. I make sure to take off my earrings and glasses because I did not want to be distracted and I must say the Enya music playing in the background helped out immensely. A few minutes later after I'm on the chair and covered with a small cloth she knocks on the door. I let her know I'm ready.

I have to highly recommend to anyone who decides to get the procedure done if you have to use the bathroom especially if you are nervous, use the facilities. The wax is so warm when she applies you feel as though you might want to use the restroom. So I'm glad I went one more time even though nothing happened. I guess to psych my mind out into thinking that I would not need to jump up off the chair.

So I hear the snap of the gloves going on and my eyes pop open and I'm thinking to myself, 'Holy Shit, this is about to go down'. I'm staring at the ceiling and just picking a special spot to just hopefully zone out to. So I adjust my legs to her instructions. She reassures me that I had groomed 'down there' just fine to her specifications and then the procedure begins.

On the first pull away I was like, 'hmmmm that stung just a bit', but there were some spots where I was like, 'To hell with Kelley Clarkson, where in the hell is Boris Kodjoe'. Those particular spots let me know I should have trimmed just a tad bit more. Overall I think my procedure was about 30 minutes as well.

I will say the saving grace of the experience was my conversation with Cassie throughout the whole procedure. It was definitely memorable and she had me cracking up the whole time. Afterwards when she was done she left the room to let me get dress and to wipe off any excess wax with some baby wipes and wax-free solution.

To say I felt the wind beneath my wings is an understatement. I honestly thought I could glide on water, to hell with walking. Jesus watch me stuntin. So after I get dressed, I make my way out to the main room and decide to purchase two more Groupons. Also speaking with Cassie I ask her if Estetical was her business and she stated no she was an employee. I told her about my photography project and she is grinning at me and pulls out her business card, she happens to be a photographer herself. So I told her I would definitely email her more information in regards to the project. I thanked her for the services and made my way out into the pouring rain.

As I was driving in my car to meet up with some girlfriends for dinner and drinks, I thought WOW. It feels pretty cool to conquer your fear on something. Whether it be a Brazilian Wax, or even a photography project. Who knows I might get a tattoo one day. The sky is the limit, just need to lay down the gameplan and groundwork.

Now some of you might think this is just a big ole elaborate April Fool's Joke. I assure you, that is one area I do not joke about. So ladies and gents if you want to try something new or have been curious about the process. I would say go for it, just make sure you do the proper hedge clipping because if you don't, you will regret it.

Now I will say this, I have been waxed before. I have had my eyebrows and even have had my whole face done from time to time. So I knew that there would be some pain involved. Yet the key thing again was the professionalism of Cassie. She was quick, thorough, and kept my mind busy with conversation. I definitely would recommend her.

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