July 25, 2013

Trying for a more natural ingredients skin regimen

What toxic chemicals are in your beauty & skin regimen?

In my quest to use more natural products, I was looking into products for my face. For the longest time I used a lot of different major cosmetic lines to take care of my face. Lancome, Christian Dior, and others but slowly stopped using them after finding out about the ingredients in them. So for the longest I was checking out the various natural websites and concluded that the best ingredients at least for cleanser would have to be refrigerated and as much as I enjoy trying out new DIY recipes I just didn't feel like I had the time to make something like that on a regular basis. So I decided to stop by a store called The Natural Way.  Once inside I was just amazed at the selection of products that they offered.

So after speaking with a salesperson there that gave me some great information I left with some products to try out and I must say after using them for almost 2 weeks my skin loves them.

For my cleanser I use a brand I'm familiar with, Desert Essence. This particular product is for combination/oily skin.

   Desert Essence®  Tea Tree Oil Thoroughly Clean Face Wash for Oily/Combination Skin  32 fl oz

Now what is kinda of funny is that I bought the bigger version of the product and didn't realize it was actually a refill bottle. This is what the original regular use bottle looks like.

   Desert Essence®  Tea Tree Oil Thoroughly Clean Face Wash for Oily/Combination Skin  8 fl oz

 So I decided I was just going to convert my 32 oz bottle into a regular use one with  a pump. I went on Amazon and bought a few pumps and they came in the mail today so after I got home I did some measuring and cut off a small portion of the tubing and was able to get a perfect fit. Find the information on the pumps --> here.

For toner the sales lady suggested I try Witch Hazel but an alcohol free version. I decided  I wanted to try one with a pleasant scent to it and since at the time they didn't have the lavender version I opted for the Rose Petal version instead.

Thayers, Rose Petal Witch Hazel, with Aloe Vera Formula, Alcohol-Free Toner, 12 fl oz

For the moisturizer in the past I had used a product from Lancome that unfortunately had been discontinued years ago, afterwards I started using a product from Christian Dior that I simply adored but paying so much for so little I simply just couldn't deal with anymore and of course the ingredients were another issue as well. So I was quite pleased that the sales lady informed me that the coconut oil that I was using in my hair products also would make a great moisturizer for my face. I was bit hesitant because I already have oily/combination skin I wasn't sure how that would take. But shockingly so, it has done wonders for my face. I've noticed that my oil isn't producing as much as it normally would. My skin feels balanced out.

THIS is the Coconut oil that I use in my hair products and now on my skin

Now for eye treatment I use vitamin E oil from Trader Joe's. After I moisturize I just follow up with some dabs around the eye area and massage in. 

 Now every now and then I know I need to exfoliate my skin and the product that was recommended to me was from NOW. I use this about once to twice a week. 

Once a week I do a mask on my skin using BRAGG's Apple Cider Vinegar and  Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask . It feels weird as hell especially when it tightens up so word to the wise if you try this on your face make sure your face is relaxed as MUCH as possible and get ready to not laugh for at least 5-10 minutes and that is just to see how long YOU can keep it on your face. But once you wash it off and finish up with the rest of my routine, my face feels like butta.

 Talk about feeling like a new woman;)

SIDE NOTE: For those in the Saint Louis area, I tried to map out a few stores that deal mainly with natural & organic products. Please click on the link here.

Until the next episode....

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