March 24, 2013

Spring Break begins Days 1/2, 1, & 2

Friday March 22nd

Well my Spring Break officially started at 4pm on March 22nd. I shut down my cpu and made my way to my Nail shop to get a long overdue fill-in and manicure on my nails. I decided to get some more temperature changing nails and love these colors just as much as my first set. I must say they look wonderful!

Hot pink and grey when hot

Red and black when cold

An interesting french manicure look when you combine the two sets of colors

My nail salon

After my nails were done I decided to grab something to eat. Afterwards on my way home I picked up something for my mom to eat and just ended up staying home for the rest of the night.

Saturday March 23rd 

I decided I needed to pick up a few packages that I had ordered. The first one was:

I used to have this movie back in the day but unfortunately can't find it.  The only reason I bought it was for Ron White skit which had me laughing so hard I was crying. Let's just say I don't look at Tater Tot's the same way anymore.

My second package was a custom made satin bonnet I was waiting on. I loved the way it was packaged and I could tell from the work done it this seamstress knew what she was doing. It looks fabulous! I wrote about her in one of my recent blogs and her shop is named FlorBella.

So after reviewing my purchase I started to think about my berets that I have at home that are made out of wool and cotton. I can't wear them like I used to because I know they aren't good for my hair. So I decided to go to JoAnn's Fabric store in Brentwood and matched up the satin inlay in my new bonnet to some bolts of satin fabric that I found at the store. So I think a project of mine eventually once I have some other things in my life in order will be to sew myself some sating linings into my berets so I can still wear them and also protect my hair at the same time. 

So after that thought my boy Trenton called me and we chatted for a lil while until we said our goodbyes. While I was driving I decided I wanted to go to the Saint Louis Zoo and get some exercise in and walk the area while enjoying the animals. Especially with the wonderful 50+ degree weather. I figured I better take advantage of it before the snow came through...AGAIN. Yet once I made my way to Forest Park and saw the crowds in droves descending on the zoo I figured that I wasn't the only one with this idea. So after wandering around for a parking spot I eventually gave up on that idea and made my way to the Delmar Loop.

I walked around and enjoyed the ambience of the area and people. Stopped by a few shops and even bought a smoothie from Ben & Jerrys. One shopped I enjoyed immensely was a custom made T-shirt store called BakedT's. I definitely will be visiting this store in the future;) So after I'm done with my walk I decide to head home to let my phone recharge since getting a lil bit tired. 

After recharging my battery and relaxing for a few hours I decided to venture out for some dinner and watch the SLU vs OREGON game, which of course had terrible consequences. After that I went back  home and just chilled out.

Sunday March 24th  

This started this morning.....and hasn't stopped since......

So needlessly to say, I probably won't be getting out of the house today.... Oh well it's wash day for my hair anyway. 

Until the next episode....

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