December 22, 2012

Winter Break 2012 has BEGUN

Well I'm officially on winter break! Had a blast at work yesterday and I must say I'm enjoying myself for the most part. I received some great gifts from students and staff throughout the week and also brought some items of my own to share as well.

from coworker

top from student bottom from coworker

from coworkers

from coworker

from my boss;)

from student - the pumpkin bread from student (wrapped picture is below)

from a coworker

both from students (pumpkin bread and shortbread cookies)

This is from a coworker

he wrote a funny note;)

I loved his xmas wrapping

from some coworkers

From a parent to staff

From a parent to staff

Also received a gift from a former student who now lives in Ireland

Goodies from Ireland, thank you Seven!

So I brought in some treats for the staff to enjoy.

pumpkin, banana, and persimmon bread

chocolate chip MONSTER cookies

presentation is everything!!!
Later on that evening I went over to my boy Trenton's house for his bday party and had a great time kicking it with his wife, and other friends. We had some spiked hot apple cider, spicy ass chicken wings from Schnucks, other food, and I was dancing like a crazy woman after my 3rd or 4th apple cider drink. He had some really good music from a DJ that was a mixture of 80's rock tunes with hip hop. Oh did I also mention I did a whiskey shot? WHEW then of course Trenton puts some of that whiskey into my apple cider.....

In the dining room area they were playing a game called Lego Creationary

It was too funny watching people trying to create what was on their card and then people around the table had to guess what the item was....quite painful at times but funny as hell the whole time through.


Until the next episode....

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