December 11, 2012

Naughty or Nice Inaugural Run 2012

This past weekend I participated in my first race, it was called the Naughty or Nice race. The Naughty is a four-mile loop featuring the Mile High Hill. The Nice is a two-mile riverwalk along our bicycle trail. Start and finish at the Big Kahuna located at Grafton Harbor. I participated in the Nice version so I enjoyed a NICE brisk walk.

I was informed about this race from my boss and I thought it would be fun to get some friends involved. So I put up an Event pages on Facebook and Google+. In the end it was just myself, my boss and some of her friends. I woke up early Sunday morning to get dressed and printed out a map to my destination in Grafton, Illinois.

I must say it was QUITE THE DRIVE to get out there to say the least. It was peaceful on my way out there just myself and listening between R&B music and some Instrumental Jazz. Eventually I get to my location and learned that TMOBILE needs to get some towers out there ASAP!! I met up with my boss and her friends and registered in the Grafton Harbor building so I could receive my number.

So after I receive my number and my cool long sleeve shirt I go the restroom and change into my items and then meet back up with my group outside. Near the bonfire area.

As we are waiting to get started we decide to take a few pics.

Around 10am the race is set to start. The Naughty (Runners) go off in one direction and the Nice (Walkers) head off in the opposite direction.

As I'm getting ready for the race to begin, I get my Endomondo app running on my phone because as part of my exercise ritual whenever I walk, I want to track it. So the race starts with a blaring foghorn device and we are off. There were a few people who jogged while for the most part others walked. I tried to keep up a brisk pace as much as possible and was enjoying the interesting scenery.

A house on stilts!

Yes that house is on stilts also

Oh did I mention that they were housing some BEAUTIFUL big boats aka mini-yachts?

After I was done I went back to the bonfire relaxed with a banana, grain bar and water given courtesy of the race sponsors.  I was really proud of my time I beat my average for walking a mile by 1 min and 30 seconds. 
After my boss and the rest of her crew make it back from their running race we took a few pictures.

I just had to act a tad bit silly

So after the marathon we make our way out to Fast Eddies and enjoy ourselves with food and drinks. I must say I was enjoying all the protein intake;) If you have NEVER been to Fast Eddies in Alton, Illinois, you are SO missing out!

Chicken on a stick - best thing ever! - $2.99

Beef Kabobs - Yummy! - only $2.99
Might I also add that I had one of the best Strawberry Daiquiris ever which had a shot of rum! Yum Yum Yum;) So after enjoying myself there I went over to Fairview Heights which was another long leisurely drive and did some snooping for my mom. Unfortunately I didn't find what she was looking for but I did find some items myself;)

Note: I just found out from my smartass aka Supergenius coworker that a marathon is actually 26 miles. So I aplogize for my mistake on my Instagram post. My black ass did NOT do that. I walked 2 miles and at the most in my life I've walked 7 miles. So......seeing me do 26 miles is going to be a long ways off. HELLA long ways off. I wouldn't be able to hold my chest up that long.

Until the next episode....

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