July 15, 2012

Shameless plug: Alexandra Butler - Makeup Artist


Today I had the pleasure of going to a Makeup Class that I had been looking forward to since it's announcement a few months back by an amazing woman who I've known since elementary school and at one time I used to babysit along with her brother. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA but her hometown is the good ole STL, MO.  Alexandra Butler is simply "that business". Her before and after work on her clients is just quite frankly amazing. The faces that she "beats" are ordinary and she makes them beyond extraordinary.



Alexandra Butler


I've been keeping up with her through her various social network outlets:


Official Webpage -

Facebook Fan Page - Alexandra Butler  Makeup Artistry

Youtube Channel - Fierce Lady Butler

Twitter - @themuaalex

Instagram - themuaalex


She has worked on various TV show sets with the most recent being VH1's "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta". Her work speaks for itself:)  As much as she has a right to be stuck up with her knowledge of makeup, if you meet her you will find a wonderful woman with a generous heart who enjoys explaining makeup to people and helping them find what works best for them. The kicker: SHE ENJOYS relaying that information to people such as myself who might be clueless on which brush to use and how to use it. She doesn't consider it a secret or believes it betrays other Makeup Artists who don't believe in divulging their secrets. Her way is knowledge is power and she wants to spread it to those who come with a mind like sponge, ready to absorb as much as possible. She did a recent interview with Bikini Bellas, a website for women who enjoy competing in physical fitness competitions. A client of her's was in a competition and she did the lady's makeup.


Today's makeup class was held at The Epiphany Boutique which is owned by a beautiful sistah by the name of Louise Thomas. 


Louise Thomas


The boutique is located in Grand Center near The Fox Theater. The address is:

3431 Locust St.
Saint Louis, MO 63103

Mon - Fri:12:00 pm-8:00 pm
Sat:12:00 pm-5:00 pm


Official Webpage:


Facebook Fanpage: Epiphany Boutique

Instagram: EpiphanyBoutique

Twitter: EpiphanyBoutiq


When I arrived at the boutique the first thing that got me was how inviting the space was. For me this was my first time being in a boutique and Louise made you feel right at home in her place. I walked around and looked at the different clothes and accessories. There were some beautiful clothes that caught my eye and I was shocked to find that her sizes on her clothing range from small - 3x. The jewelry was what really caught my eye. I think I was staring at it for almost an hour as I was nibbling on green grapes and pineapple slices courtesy of Louise.


When the class was ready to start we were all gathered around in a semi circle with Alex and her model in the front. She made sure as she was discussing her techniques that her model would get up from time to time and walk past us so we could see her in each transition phase. 

Alex in action

 My sister (who is an entrepreneur herself, she runs JDVIRGINHAIR.COM) was also there as well and we made sure to take notes. Throughout the class her assistants would bring us out makeup in regards to which section she was covering. For example, the first thing we received were 4 brushes that related to her discussion with the different type of brushes and how they are used.


Goody Grab "bag" - lots of goodies!


 I never knew there was so much to makeup in regards to why people might use certain concealers and how to achieve certain looks in regards to highlighting and contouring and that is just what I am remembering right now off the top of my head. Like I said before the class time was from 12pm - 4pm, but with a us mingling for a hour it really didn't start until about 1pm, but then she didn't finish until 3:50pm. That is ALOT to talk about in regards to makeup.  At the end when she was done with her model, the final look was flawless.

Alexandra and model: Sierra Nicholson-Byrd

Photo Credit: Nyna Wilks

During the workshop people were allowed to ask questions and even afterwards people had more questions and Alex answered them all patiently.


Alex answering questions

 Overall I had a BLAST! It was really great seeing Alex and I am so proud of her. She is already something special but she is on her way to becoming phenomenal. Look for her to do a Makeup class hopefully in a city near you. Keep up with her to find out where she will be next.

 Quite frankly, the faces she beats, 

upon these streets, is simply no ordinary feat;)


Until the next episode....

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