July 1, 2012

Hot weekend with plenty to do


Well good afternoon:) I hope you are keeping cool in Saint Louis despite this crazy hot triple digit degree weather. I personally have not moved my car since I parked it this past Thursday.  So I've been hanging with my mom pretty tough since Friday.  On Friday we went to the Saint Louis Mills mall and saw the new Medea movie which I thought was pretty good. 




On Saturday we went yesterday evening to Soulard Market. Apparently if you go after 4pm on Saturday evenings they lower their prices. We walked away with a huge steal on food. The pics below don't lie. We bought all of that food for $31 bucks! Afterwards we went to lunch at Stratton's Cafe and then to Walmart to pick up the other vegetables that we didn't see at Soulard. We compared the savings and it was monster...For example, we picked up 2 pineapples for 2 dollars a piece at Soulards. At Walmart they were running $2.78. If I told you how much we paid on peaches....I'm not sure your heart could take it and I do love some peaches:)



So this mom and I decided to make one of our favorite dishes....Shrimp N Grits:) If you have not EVER made such a meal. You need to add this to your list of things to do. So after getting all of our ingredients together which included some of the veggies from yesterday, we add them all together as the recipe called for them and then we do the grits and then KABAAM! Ya got yourself some shrimp N grits. Search online for the recipe it's quite popular. Only thing I would say is watch out on those grits, as I was stirring they were poppin all over the place and some unfortunately landed on my chest. For a split second I understood what Al Green went through. Not pleasant, no not at all especially when my mom is crackin up.





While doing the shrimp N grits my mom also decided to make a Vegetable soup.  I'll let you guess what the veggies were, after she said the fifth veggie, I kinda zoned out.

So later on today we have decided to finally put to use the juicer we have in the kitchen. So when we get done with that. I'll let you know how that goes. If we really actually use it that is...


Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

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