February 3, 2010

Why I'm about to throw my laptop

I'm up right now dealing with my laptop and Im so fed up with it I'm about to throw it at the wall. It's so frustrating sometimes to deal with old ass technology when you know something new and better is currently it out. Take for instance my sister called me and she FINALLY has found out about Skype. I've had the program on my laptop for about 2 years, never had a problem with it, UNTIL NOW. She was online wanting to talk to me, and so I try to go online and it wouldn't connect, so I upgrade the software and pray that will fix the problem. nada so I restart my laptop and even take my firewall down to see if that will fix the problem. again nothing works, so I finally said fuck it I'm done and just deleted Skype off my laptop.

I can't stand when something you are used to all the time just for no reason bails out on you, sounds like relationships. Anyway, for those who normally would see me on Skype, this is my farewell message, I'm not fucking with that garbage anymore, if you want to see and talk to me it will have to be through GoogleTalk, my username is MsJazz79.
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