February 21, 2010

hey there

Well this weekend I've been apartment sitting and dog sitting for my sis while she is out of town. I had a pretty good birthday this past Wednesday hanging out with friends at my fav place Subzero, Thursday I had a busy night, Friday I went to Wellston High School last home game ever to be played for Basketball. They played against Clayton, the JV won, the V lost but they played one of the best games I've seen. Yet the ref's were absolutely horrible. Even another person that is normally a ref for the district saw the game and was like it was some of the worst referring he had seen also. Regardless I'm proud of them and the effort they put out in playing.

On Saturday I woke up early to take my sis to the airport, but hell she still missed her flight. I went to the gym with my mom and did a bootcamp class, wasn't too much fun and afterwards went to the mall to go to Dick's sporting goods to pick up some heavier weights since the ones I have no longer area challenge to me. Then I walked the mall a few times since I hadn't been out at the Mid Rivers mall for a while. I then went to the Best Buy right next door and saw a few people that I recognized and had some good talks with them, also bought a game for my ps3, I REALLY need to get back into my gaming, then I went home to get dressed, I had been gone so long, I hadn't had time to relax before getting myself together to get with my girls, Amy and Hannah who I've known since Kindergarten, we met out in South County and had dinner and then went to a roller derby which is pretty damn cool.

We also have our own league here in St. Louis , and they are going to soon start a men's league, I told my girls to let me know when they play next. This is definitely an interesting sport.

So today is Sunday and I've been at home just listening to the rain which I absolutely love, probably will chill indoors today, or I might try to go to the gym and workout but right now I'm just watchin some TELLY;)

Enjoy your day, I plan on enjoying mine.
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