June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Today I must say has been a shock to my senses. I lost one of the biggest icons in my life. I've always been a big fan of Michael Jackson and always will be. I remember when I first heard about him being rushed to the hospital. I was at work at the time and thought, nawwww he will be okay. I was too worried about my Spanish test to think anything bad. So I get to my Spanish class and I'm studying in the hallway, and I'm talking about the incidient with a fellow classmate. She gets a text message on her phone and she informs me that he has died. I'm looking at her shaking my head, thinking nooo that's a mistake he should be okay, I just got a text messge from ENEWS stating that he was in a coma but not doing well. Then less than a minute I get a text confirming that he had died.

Strangly I was no longer worried about my spanish test, I felt a strange calm and went into the classroom to take my 10 minute oral exam with my professor. I broke the news to him (in spanish) and he just looked at me in shock. We talked quickly (in english) about Ed Machman (sorry on spelling), Farrah Fawcett, and now Michael Jackson. I always thought that famous celebs go in threes and unfortunately the biggest one in my life finally had his curtain call.

After my oral exam I took my remaining tests for the class and I went home. I was listening to the radio in my car and 95.5 fm was playing Michael Jackson music and I turned up the volume, rolled my windows, made the sign of the cross and yelled "I LOVE YOU MIKE" I headed home and parked my car in front of my house. One of his songs was still playing on the radio and I couldn't bear to turn it off. I had to wait until it was finished.

I go in my home and I go up the steps and my legs are heavy. My mom bolts upright from her bed and looks at me, and before she can speak I tell her I already know and found out before my test. Yet I told her that strangely it calmed me down from my nerves and I think I did pretty good. She was watching CNN and Larry King was on, talking with various celebs about Michael's death.

She and I talked about my love for Michael from learning his dance moves when I was a kid, to when I would LITERALLY freak out when a new world premiere video would come on. In fact I still have the original VHS of when BAD the video premiered more than 10 years ago. I learned technology because of him, I had to learn how to use the VCR to record by myself. lol

I had all his CD's before they were stolen from my car back in 2005. I really haven't bought CD's since then, but now I plan to buy them all over again. I went to my room to just deal with it. I hadn't cried yet until a few minutes ago. I remember as a kid seeing older kids with the famous red jackets and the white jeweled gloves. I shake my head because I feel that an era has passed. A legend has moved on and I know that regardless of his personal life and the drama from it, what he did as far as entertainment he will be known forever and I pray he is dancing it up with Fred Astare, James Brown, and Sammy Davis Jr. God bless you and I will miss you SOOO MUCH!!!!! (ok full tears are on, gotta post this)

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