November 17, 2008

Sometimes I feel like chuckin this damn laptop

I don't know what the f*** is going on with my laptop but one of my favorite applications, Daily Mugshot is seriously fucked on it. For you who don't know it's in application where you take a daily pic of yourself and it goes into rotation on your widget where you decide to put it on the web. Normally I would take a pic around 3:30pm and be done with it. Yet for some damn reason yesterday it started to act up to the point that the website was acting really strange.

So pretty much once I got home today I tried to work on it some more. Literally for almost 3 + hours. I even tried it on my desktop and it doesn't work there. The designer of the page said nothing was wrong with the site and it was function just fine from his end. So I'm not sure what the fuck is going on. So I'm at my wits end and tried some other things to troubleshoot it and now when I go on the page to take a pic. The Flash application where you choose to take a pic is so jacked up it keeps continously non stop counting down to taking pics even though my webcam is not on and it make the damn special effects sounds over and over again.

I go on my blog just to make all my other flash applications are working fine and they are. nothing wrong with them what so ever, but my Dailymugshot widget is nothing but a black square. I love the site but this shit has got me pissed off. As soon as I find another site with the same concept I'm jumpin ship. Hopefully they will make a way to download your pics so you can shift them to another site, because this problem fuckin blows.
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