October 30, 2008

Punching is just so theraputic

Boxing Gym schedule for Central West End Location

465 N. Taylor Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63108

Well, this past Monday, I decided that I need to find a type of gym that would suit my needs and I mean REALLY suit my needs. For a while I had been interested in joininng a gym that had boxing and kickboxing classes. So this past Sunday I did some research and came up on two gyms that were pretty popular here in St. Louis. One called Sweat Saint Louis and another called The Boxing Gym. I did some reading up for about a day and decided to try the The Boxing Gym in the Central West End.

So on Monday, I go in and I speak with one of the instructors. He is a really nice guy by the name of Tom and he gives me a tour of the facalities which happens to be a 2 level area. Main area when u walk in the door is the main area for class exercises. When you go down stairs there is another workout area with plenty of great exercise equipment. If you are a student, there are discounts as well. The schedule is just wonderful, they have so many classes a day and in the evening. It works great with my work schedule. They offer different types of boxing, kickboxing,and they also do martial arts. Oh Yea....... Well before I leave Tom hands me one of the owner's business cards and I look at the name..... You ever feel like karma hits you dead on the head every now and then? Well it seems to be getting me pretty good within the past 2 weeks. The name of the owner happens to be Kurt Engel. Now back in the day I used to know a guy by that name that I worked with at Compusa in Bridgeton. Tons of fun and just a kick ass crazy guy and boy did he know how to throw a party. So im thinkin to myself. I wonder if this is my Kurt......

So on Tuesday I go back for a trial workout and try out the Boxing class and I was working out with 4 other females. They let me borrow some gloves and I must say it was one of the best workouts I ever had. I was punching at the instructor and moving around doing footwork. By the time I was done I had worked muscles from head to toe I forgot I even had. So I told Tom, whom I had met the day before, that I would be back the next day (Wednesday) to sign up.

So on Wednesday I go back to sign up and I see Tom again I tell him that Im there to sign up. He signs me up under student discount (which by the way comes out to about $28 dollars a month for unlimited classes and use of the gym.) After I sign up I chillout after changing my clothes waiting for the next class to start, decide to do a boxing and kickboxing class. All of the sudden I see this famalier face at the counter. It's my Kurt!!!! I called his name and his ears and eyes just pop:) He's like I know that voice. He sees me and he goes, Jaz?. I just smile and he comes over and we talk for about a good 15 min. Just catchin up on each other.

Well apparently Kurt was suppose to teach the class that I was going to do, but one of the other instructors was going to do it. I told him that I was defintiely going to let a mutual friend of ours know about the place and then class started at 6pm. Boy you talkin about getting ur ass kicked!!! It was a great workout but I learned that I probably for now need to give myself a day in between until my body gets accustomed to doing these workouts.

So afterwards I go home and take a relaxing shower and get ready for massage class. I get there and enjoy some chocolate martini's with some friends before lessons start. Didn't get home till 1am. Slept like the dead till 6:30am then got ready for work.

(thursday) Had parent teacher conferences from 11am to 3pm. I worked from 8am till 3:15pm and then went to the loop to relax. Even reset the voicemail at work to reflect that there was no school for the next 2 days. yet you still have those who don't listen. Listening is such an important communication factor. WOW!!!! After I left work, I went to the loop to chill and unwind and then went home. So tommorrow I have a personal development day at work so most likely I will probably go boxing afterwards. Oh and by the way the reason I took up the boxin was that my stress level has gotten high that I needed to do something to relieve pressure. I think I found my calling:)
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