October 11, 2008

got to get better that this

Ok these posts are definitely coming every blue moon. Sorry been very busy with work to the point that I had to take off this past Tuesday because of a serious headache brought on from the main job. So what did I do that tuesday? Well I took myself to Forest Park and thought I would enjoy myself with an outing to the zoo. Even though the weather was my favorite, cloudy skys with light rain, by the time I got the insect house at the zoo, it had become a full monsoon. So while im in the insect house with over 20 little 5 years going crazy and screaming everywhere, I just smiled to myself and read a book until I thought the rain would calm down.

Well unfortunately 15 minutes went by and even though it slowed down some it wasn't enough to still enjoy my outing. So I made the decision to leave and I decided to go to the World's Pavillion and chillout there. So with blanket and pillow in hand I went to the Pavillion, found me a nice cozy spot and began to enjoy my book. I must say it's a great place to go if you want to enjoy yourself with a quiet place to be just by yourself. I definitely needed it that day:) Yet even that was too good to be true, within a few hours a school elementary class came through to eat their lunch, a couple came through with their baby boy to have pictures taken, and by the time I left there was another couple already there with their daughter.

So by then it was 1:00pm and about time for me to pack up. I must say that even though I wasn't able to enjoy the zoo, going to the World's Pavillion definitely was second best. I will try to go there more often and bring more blankets to be more comfortable:) So after that I head on to the Saint Louis Breakfast Company off of Clayton Road with my laptop but unfortunately it was packed with other people who also had the same idea. So got something to eat there but then left and went to their location off of Brentwood Blvd. Stayed there and surfed the net for about 2 hours and then finally went home.

Overall great day and way to relax and unwind after the stress that I've been through.
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