February 3, 2017

Photography: Beyonce's maternity photo shoot with Awol Erizku

Beyonce maternity photo shoot. Photo by Awol Erizku

Ok, so here is my two cents on the Beyonce shoot. I'm seeing opinions range from it looks tacky to being unique. Some people are criticizing the photographer and his vision. In my opinion about photography and why I enjoy it is because there isn't a right or wrong way to YOUR vision. People can have an opinion about your work, but overall as long as YOU and your client are pleased with the work, that is all that matters.

The beauty of Photography is that you can choose your own path. You want to be strict and follow the guidelines? Do it. You want to be adventurous and try something different? Do it. As long as in the end you are doing YOU.

Furthermore, after reviewing this photographer's body of work, this isn't the first time for him to express his way in this fashion. In fact, this looks like his "stamp" for his work. So regardless of how you think about it. He wins BIG because,

A) He is working with Beyonce
B) He is bringing HIS vision
C) regardless of how you think about it, you are talking about his work, which translates into more work for him in the long run.

Also keep in mind, Beyonce doesn't follow trends. So in all honestly something like this makes absolute sense to me for her to do. Because guess what? Whether you like it or not, You are still talking about it. Which is free advertisement for her in the long run. So go run and buy you some fake ass flowers from Walmart and get those creative juices going. lolol

With me constantly learning about photography, if there is one thing I have learned is dare to be different. My biggest hangup is still trying to figure out other people's styles and sometimes wanting to duplicate. I'm trying to break out that mentality and trying to learn what works for ME.

So to Awol Erizku I say kudos. People might like your work, other people might not. But overall, they are talking about it.

In the words of Beyonce,
Always stay gracious,  
best revenge is your paper.
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