January 4, 2017

2017 - What will this year bring?

Happy belated New Years to you all. 2016 will be remembered in epic proportions for many reasons. A lot more bad than good in my humble opinion, which weighs a lot for me.

This year I have things on my mind that I want to tackle. I don't want to call them resolutions because if I fail them, then I'll feel like a failure in general for not sticking to them.

I'm taking a Graphic Designs class this semester. First, because unfortunately there weren't any Photography or Photoshop classes geared towards photography being offered in the evening. Second, because I am interested in learning about Graphic Design in general as well. I'm kind of nervous because even though I appreciate art and love it, I'm not naturally inclined regarding to it. Besides the occasional wine and paint class or pottery party, I don't really have a clue of how to make art.

I also decided I was going to be more active with my Photography project, ShowYouSTL, in regards to trying to find more people for it as well as following up with other folks to meet up and take pictures to go along with their article. So far it's been going pretty good. It's actually going better than I expected and people are supportive of it.

I also am excited with an opportunity presented to me to become an assistant to someone who is also going to act as a mentor to me in regards to learning more about photography. To say that I'm excited, nervous and hyped all at once is an understatement. I'm hoping this will make me more comfortable to reach out to people to start offering my own services. I still have self doubt and know I'm getting better. Yet still have that self doubt of am I good enough.

My weight. Can't talk about this enough. I'm not in good shape and I can feel it. How am I going to tackle that and learn to eat healthy? many damn problems.  Need to find some type of rhythm that works. I so miss my yoga and my boxing.

My style. I've always imagined dressing differently and looking different which is why I decided to have some fun with my hair. Baby steps.

There are also some books and magazines this year I want to read. I haven't read a book in a while. Just find a good corner and curl up. I have books on my list in my possession just don't seem to have the time to enjoy them.

Make more time to hangout with friends and family. I know I will be busy and not be able to hang out all the time. I don't want to seem like recluse to people. Be more open with communication and keep in touch with people.

Battling my own demons. I know I have issues that I'm dealing with. I want this year to really work through them. Not just glance and go "Oh you are still there" but really see if I can get a grip on things.

Well these are just some of a few things that I'll be trying to handle this year. Not all at once, but I'll keep them on my horizon. I want to make this year my bitch.
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