December 12, 2016

Stain Colored Thoughts: Final Project and Thoughts on my Artifical Photography class

So unofficially I have wrapped up my class for this semester. We still have a few more class days but for the most part we are done shooting. I turned my final project in last Wednesday which consisted of 8 photographs in particular categories. A minimum 5 pictures had to be color and a minimum 2 had to be black and white. Four pictures required studio flash. So we had to use our imagination and techniques that we learned in class and also had the option of using Photoshop. I know for myself Photoshop is definitely an Achilles heel so I tried my best to get my lighting right the first time and not have to depend on making huge changes in Photoshop.

We also had to print out 4 pictures (I did mine 11 x 14) and put them on mats. I decided to buy the foam and mat boards and actually cut them myself to the sizes that I needed (16 x 20) because I've always been curious about the procedure.

When this class first started back in August I had no clue about how studio lights worked. What were hot lights or monolights. How in the world to work my Flash (that is still a challenge. lol) I didn't know what Pocket Wizards, honeycombs or gobos were. How reflectors worked. I feel a lot more confident but know I still have plenty to learn. Yet I did feel that I had an excellent teacher (Paul Talaski) and hopefully I will be able to take more classes with him.

That's a honeycomb! Kinda is obvious when you think about it.

For the past 2 months I signed up for studio time on Sundays on campus for my final assignments and really enjoyed for the most part having the studio to myself. Cranking up my smooth jazz radio and just trying to nail my shots. Some pictures I felt were successful while with others, not so much.

This evening I receive my final project back.

I look forward to learning more about studio photography and learning more about how to control light and angling it where you want it to go. It is quite fascinating:) I'm also hoping this will help me more with finding my creative side. I know it's there, just need to unlock it. I have to stop self doubting and second guessing myself. Just say, fuck it, and give it a whirl.

Just a few of my final pictures below.

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