November 9, 2016

What comes with the tide of a Trump Presidency?

I wrote this earlier on Facebook today:

Yesterday evening I purposely did not watch the election results. I wanted to be able to go to sleep and not have my nerves fry. I woke up a little bit after 1am and thought maybe I just might have a peek into the results. 

To see that Trump will become our next President is so frightening. This election truly has shown how people feel to their base core. To see someone who is so unqualified to lead anything let alone a country be elevated to the highest position of public office is truly baffling yet unfortunately not that surprising when you see what this country consists of.
There is so much into this Trump "win" I don't know where to start. Some people voted because they wanted a white male president again and weren't concern with what baggage would come with the package, others because they couldn't stand Hillary and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Both parties are to blame. The RNC has a long history of just being out of touch when it comes to other ethnicities. The DNC has its issues as well especially with how they handled the Democratic Candidate nomination. The way they underhanded Bernie Sanders, to make sure Hillary was the nominee was just plain wrong. I honestly felt that Bernie would have been the biggest threat to Donald and could have possibly won.

So now we are dealing with a President-elect Republican, both houses of Congress controlled by Republicans, and a Supreme Court judge nomination up for grabs. Welcome to a Presidential cabinet that will have the likes of Rudy Guiliani, and Chris Christi. Not to mention Omarosa who said that Trump has an "enemies list" and will remember who supported him on Election day. This election just gave the biggest cheetos puff the nuclear war codes and made it Russia's bitch in one night. The man who has managed to insult damn near every ethnic group, insult the disabled, and act like a bratty child on Twitter has just gotten elected to be our next President with no prior political experience.

There is so much blame to go around on how this came about. I'm so wired right now I don't know if I'll be able to go back to sleep. I know I've heard some folks talk about getting strapped up (getting a gun) because of the election results. Right now I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how this country has just sunken so low. 

The only thing this election did was pull the racists out of the shadows. Racism has always been an issue in our country, yet with this election the hoods truly came off.

I don't know what else to say. The devil's second cousin just got elected. Hide ya wives, hide ya 13 year old daughters, and hide ya pussies. Welcome to the dark ages. Orange is the new White.

Now that I've had more time to reflect on this I honestly wonder how bad it will be in the next 4 years. I don't have any hope that Trump will surprise us all and actually be able to improve relations with the minority groups or improve situations for women. I feel with him now being our President-elect we have gone back so many steps. Any optimism that I might have had for this country, slim as it may be, received a big kick in the ass from reality last night.

I won't lie, I did cry this morning. I wonder do people hate us (minorities) so damn much that they don't want us to ever be on equal footing with them. The reason the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement exists is that we don't feel that our lives do matter the same as everyone else. Yet the BLM is called a hate group but the KKK is just given a side eye. How can a man who has insulted almost every minority group think he could every represent all of us and we would just smile and cheer him on? How is a man who is such a bully, sexist, and in general such an asshole become our next Commander in Chief?

Van said it best,

What this election has taught me is that you don't have to fit a certain criteria to run for political office. Having class and decorum apparently are so overrated. All you need to do is live inside your own fishbowl and come out when you want to yell out something insulting and just tell so many lies. Even when people fact check them. Hell you can even insult the current President about his birth and call HIM a a terrorist.  

Now I only can wonder who Donald will answer to behind the curtain. Because if you think he doesn't truly have the cap pulled over your eyes.

Yet I want to know if all of those legal problems he is currently facing will be swept under the rug. Kinda like what happened with Clinton. 

Only shining light in all of this, no more ads.

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