July 25, 2016

Stain Colored Thoughts: Digital Camera Course - 7th Week Impressions

Wide Shot
So I know I've been behind on posting my assignments. One week I had to do a Landscape assignment. Take 3 pictures of the same item but in 3 different ways. Wide, Close-up and Abstract. I went to a few places to take pictures but my pics of this barn out in Faust Park are my favorites.

Close Up


I really enjoyed this assignment because it forced me to think about locations as well as trying to find abstract shots with my subjects.

The next assignment was to take pictures of still life. So we had to plan our shots so I decided I wanted to take some pictures of some veggies. I went to JoAnn Fabrics to buy some black foam board to use for background and also a base.

I was pretty pleased with my end results especially since I only used natural light. I turned my family room into a studio.

For my last few projects I have to do a HDR picture and for extra credit a Panoramic. I have  a solid A+ in the class and I'm really glad I decided to take this class. I just have these two pictures to take and then my final and then I'm done. Wish me luck!!!

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