June 25, 2016

Stain Colored Thoughts: Digital Camera Course - Third Week impressions

The class put some of their photos up on the wall
So this class has definitely been one hell of a ride. So much information being crammed into 8 weeks, but I'm taking it all in stride. I'm not only learning about cameras but also about Photoshop. Holy crap. I'm feeling more comfortable with my camera but it still poses some challenges. Photoshop should just be called "asdflkajdsflkjadlfkhdfkjlkfjafk;jk" because sometimes I feel it makes my head spin and my eyes hurt with learning all it can do. I do enjoy the photography challenges that my teacher has thrown our way. I'm trying to learn not to over think assignments. Sometimes I will look at Pinterest or Google certain photos for inspiration.

First week assignment was taking 6 different types of pictures. 1 High ISO, 1 Low ISO, 1 Shutter Speed Fast, 1 Shutter Speed Slow, 1 Aperture Wide, 1 Aperture Closed

This was my favorite shot from my assignment - Aperture Wide

Second week we were online in discussion boards giving feedback about our first assignment.

Third week assignment was taking 4 different types of pictures. 2 pictures engaging light, 2 pictures engaging shadows.

This was my favorite photo from the assignment - one of my Shadow photos

So this upcoming week our assignment due is just taking photos of things that we enjoy. So I will have some fun with this one. Thankfully I will be taking pictures this weekend. One for my ShowYouSTL photography project and another for some ladies at a product launch party. I'm just hoping the weather stays nice:)
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