July 22, 2015

God might be trying to tell me something

On Monday afternoon I decided to go to the Missouri Botanical Garden to take some pictures with my DSLR to try to become further acquainted with it and just take some time to relax. I was there for around 2 hours and really enjoyed myself even with a few rain showers that kept me inside a few buildings. Afterwards I was walking to my car and noticed something on the back of my trunk. It was a Praying Mantis and I just stared at it. Even told it shove off a few times. Finally I just ignored it and hopped in my car. Then I stopped at a Hardee's restaurant which was less than a mile away to chill for a little while and when I stepped out of the car I was impressed to still find the praying mantis still holding on but it had moved up to the roof of my car. I kept staring at the insect and told it to shove off again! At this point I just flicked it off my car. Afterwards I went home and just chilled out for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday morning comes around I make my way to my car I go to my trunk to put something away and as I am about to open my trunk I notice another Praying Mantis off the side of my trunk just chilling. I'm staring at it like what in the world is going on...So I stare at for a few minutes and think flick it off and get in my car to make my way to the airport to pick up one of my best friends. I drop her off and then make my way to the gas station because my car is needing gas. I get out and start pumping and go around to my passenger door and open the door. What is waiting on the window on the INSIDE of my door? Another Praying Mantis. I just smiled and thought, maybe God is trying to tell me something. I looked back at the Praying Mantis and told the messenger, 'I think I get it now, you can go on.' Sure enough the bug took off and hopped out of my car.

I couldn't help but think about all those different interactions with a Praying Mantis out of all insects for the past two days. Sometimes things happen and you brush them off and think, 'nah, it's nothing special.' But sometimes it takes more than one time to try and get the message. Maybe it's a signal that I need to stop myself and just pray. My mind has become seriously troubled this past year and I find it harder to just try to empty my mind and find peace. Maybe I just need to find a quiet place and just pray.
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